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  1. 1 hour ago, Shane said:

    Wonderful post!  We have to be able to defend our personal favorites and still see where they fit within a larger framework.  American Life is also near the top for me, second to Like A Prayer.  Yet I would not maintain that American Life is a career highlight whereas LAP is.

    I believe Madame X will emerge as an objective career highlight AND a personal favorite of mine.

    Exactly. Objectively Madame X is a real highlight. Like you said. Like a prayer’s impact is way way above American life’s. Even if I relate more with Americans life personally.  


    Madame x will impact more in herstory even in the music industry. Less structured songs will start to appears in the pop genre. Even bilingual songs outside the classic English/Spanish English/French could be a trend everyone will follow 5-6 years from now. 

  2. On 6/17/2019 at 11:27 AM, spotlight said:

    Ne t’inquiètes, je suis toujours présent. 

    I don’t know about others but I wanted this album/era release to be completely spoiler free this time. I knew there would be a leak eventually. 

    Oh didn’t saw this !! Je comprends maintenant 😘

  3. 1 hour ago, VogueMusic said:

    I just can't grasp the hate for this song. It was instant love from first listen. It shines like this bright light on the album. It's incredibly catchy, has got great hooks, a melody that sticks with you, and if this was any other artist, I could see this all over the radio. The lyrics may be heavy, but like other songs on the album, the production fools you with something that's quite escapist, takes you away to another time and place... perfect for the summer.

    Don't get why this one gets such a hard time.

    same. top 10 Madonna song from the 10's imo 

  4. Y'all be so dramatic. 

    The same wishing Madonna should never do a disco song/confession like album are now wishing Madame X should perform a disco set when her lastest album is far from that genre outside 1 song out of 18. 

    On paper Madonna is sometime hard to understand. But she's the queen.  She's woke and above us. We have to listen and learn the message she tries teach us.

    Is celebrating pride only require disco?? Dance songs?? Are we not allowed to make a political statement and give an empowering message because you cant twerk during a performance.    

    She's not walking the predictable path. Like she always did. 

    I want Madonna to perform get together since forever. Get together, living for love, vogue, IDSIF, god control, music etc would have made a incredible setlist. But hey why not surprising us.  

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