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  1. I don't know where you guys live but here, Canada, it's common practice to re-launch an original song again. But with a rapper in it and it becomes the only radio version played. I never heard a song where they cut the "rap" part. Usually it's the original song of the new edit. Anyways. Crave is amazing and shouldn't be touch at all. Even for the tour.

  2. Medellín/La isla 

    Dark Ballet/Act on contrition

    God Control/American life

    Future/4 minutes

    Batuka/Nothing Fails

    Killers/X Static Process

    Crave/Heart Break city

    Crazy/Runaway Lover

    Come Alive/Don't tell me

    Extreme Occident/Falling Free

    Faz gostoso/Who's that Girl

    Bitch I'm Loca/GGW

    IDSIF/Thief of heart

    Looking for mercy/Mother and Father

    I rise/How High (This is a perfec combo btw thank me later)



  3. On 6/24/2019 at 10:16 AM, Crystal Coffin said:

    Many would assert that "Come Alive" is THE clear sonical sister of that awful BADI SHAP thing, but I have no reason to dislike it. 

    "Come Alive" is a relaxing Mediterranean-sounding ditty which functions as a "rest station" of the intense Madame X journey. It's a gorgeous spot which allows listeners to take deep breaths before continuing the ride. "Crazy" on the other hand is a whiny, uptight, irritating piece of dross. The song has this peculiar personality which reeks of an unpleasant, not-so-bright co-worker who hates everything that you love and probably doesn't even know where Cambodia is. You want to get rid of it. 

    THIS :rotfl:

  4. 4 minutes ago, Nonoka said:

    Does anyone else feel really satisfied with the tracklisting / sequencing on this album? 

    I have to say it's so refreshing to listen through a new M record again without the need to mess with the tracklist. The whole album flows so well from start to finish!

    With MDNA, I had to kick out most of the Solveig songs first and reshuffle the whole thing, while with RH I basically created my own album :lol: (albeit a very good one, still love RH). This one is just perfect - despite the variety of styles everything is tied together flawlessly.

    Yes indeed. A really good piece of work. It fits so well.  

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