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  1. 27 minutes ago, VogueMusic said:

    I'm not sure if I'm going to listen once it officially comes out.

    I'm trying something I've never done...and waiting until the full album comes in June to listen to everything. I swore I would only listen to songs that are official singles with videos this time around.

    I want a listening experience I haven't had in a long time.....but I don't know how long I can hold out.


    It's an experience close to bdsm. Pain for pleasure 

  2. The only little criticism I have is that the song doesn’t have a little break of lyrics between the verses and the chorus. It just keep going on and on. A little pause at some point could have benefit imho. But we get use to it quickly. But at the same time. I like that it goes beyond the usual template of a song. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, Nikki said:

    sounds like this will be another rebel heart/demo situation where one of the best tracks that deserved first single release is being ignored for some random reason. it's so irritating as a fan to see how she sometimes makes such weird music choices

    do we know which song has that best teaser? the title?

    Extreme Occident I believe 

  4. 2 minutes ago, peter said:

    You can count it if you want, honey! I still love Act of Contrition. (I forget how late it was before it was explained to me what it meant — about her reservation not being in the computer. The idea that she’s at the Pearly Gates. Sometimes I feel very slow!!)

    But ... I mean looking at this list:

    Secret Garden

    Take a Bow

    Mer Girl


    Easy Ride

    Like It or Not


    Falling Free

    Wash All Over Me / Rebel Heart


    and now I Rise.

    That’s a pretty amazing batch of songs.

    Going to make this a playlist right away!! 

  5. 58 minutes ago, Crystal Coffin said:

    Madonna is NOT vanilla 

    Madonna is NOT "family-friendly" 

    Madonna is NOT "easy"

    Madonna is NOT "safe"

    Madonna is NOT meant for your basic friends or your simple co-workers

    Madonna is only for wise people who can understand her, who is always prepared to be smashed by her intelligence and rare talent. 



  6. 1 minute ago, Amelia said:

    That's a good point. I was thinking the same when reading some opinions on the vocal effects.  Let's remember, she produced the album with Mirwais who is known for such effects. 

    And by reading the comments I was expecting something like Revolver mdna tour version but it's not that process. It's even less that Medellín imo. Again with the whole album. We will understand the sound of it and its concept. On the same album we had nobody knows me, i'm so stupid, Die another day. American life and intervention, mother and father, nothing fails, easy ride, X static etc. Very raw and very futuristic electronic. 

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