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  1. Yeah ny queen is opening the ceremony. When I told you she was confirmed, Grammys team wanted her for closing the show. M team has changed this and now SHES OPENING THE CEREMOMY.

    That s good because, I' m sleeping after watching her. Nobody care about those basic bitches performing after the supreme mother of music.

    Shes performing LFL and her team is thinking in BITCH I'm madge too. But grammys team????

  2. Moka, you're mixing my posts, as usual.

    On one hand (on one post) I TOLD: The video will be shot next monday a tuesday. Good. This was cancelled because of?? (I don't know, nobody knows it). ANd after that, my second post told you: OMG, I cannot believe it, a hotel was booked, The concept of the video has had to be changed because of THIS.

    So, two posts, two different ideas.

  3. Moka, maybe you're the troll. Maybe you've been a fan for 20 years and you never had the oportunity to have exclusives and that's the reason you are embittered and you need to spit out hate on me. Hate me. I don't care but what I'm saying is true. Bette M. contacted with Madonna team.

    I'm not gonna shut up only because some people don't believe me. And this is the topic for the video, so, Let's talk about the video, okay.


    I'm usually a very very FUNNY friendly person. I love people and I love share some information that can be interesting for them. INFORMATION, never DEMOS, like another guys did it,(thank u karbatal).

    Take your hate and hate them, not me. Anymore.

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