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  1. after you pre-order the album, a guy from the store you ordered it from comes to your house and gives you an ankle bracelet. If you go to a store to buy it before it arrives you get arrested. Or so i've been told!
  2. it looks so good!!! i'm jealous of those getting it this friday!!!!!
  3. Loooove the male voice on LFL and Hold Tight! I'm happy she's using backround singers again
  4. can't believe it's only 7 days left!!!!! Remember everytime it seemed as if the recording sessions where finished... she would post more studio pics! It felt like forever!! And now it's almost HERE!!!
  5. yes! She looks beyond beautiful, radiant and happy
  6. loooooove the new pic. you can tell she had fun posing, they're not just the average fashion photoshoot
  7. omgg i hope she included this one on the booklet
  8. I can't watch cause my computer isn't working but oh god I'm laughing so much with your comments guys - you're the best
  9. Loved it! Interesting and fun. "you must be sick of me" lol i don't think so, baby And i hope the stand up comedy tour actually happens!
  10. she should go full on rebel and perform Bitch I'm Madonna, Unapologetic Bitch, S.E.X., Holy Water and Illuminati!
  11. i don't believe this!!! an entire week=five performances??? i'm dead
  12. love how everything BUT the music is so locked up lol
  13. She may skip south america, but i don't think she'll skip Mexico at all
  14. A radio from Argentina is running a contest to attend an exclusive listening party at the Hard Rock cafe on March 9! Don't think i'll win but it could be a very cool/different experience
  15. yeah I don't understand the picture or the caption, but she looks gorgeous!!
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