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  1. This song is too much for the movie, Madonna would put Christian Grey to shame (and make him her bitch tbh) And I think she sounds hot too, even if she wanted this to be a funny/tongue in cheek song, she does sound sexy. I guess she can't help it lol
  2. "Frida showed all her feelings paiting from the cieling back in the begining" The melody of the chorus on Inside Out "Yeezus luvz my pussy best" The horns on Nas' rap Veni Vidi Vici as a whole basically "I curse the day we met/Your memory is haunting me" and her whole vocals on HeartBreakCity THE LESSON IN SEXOLOGY "You can thread a needle with a teardrop from my eye" and the electric guitar on Wash All Over Me The fact that there's a song MESSIAH that is fucking epic and magical "The ground beneath my feet's getting warmer/Lucifer is near" and the devil voice on Devil Pray Annie's vocals on Living For Love Mike Tyson's intro and the chorus of Iconic The spoken part of Best Night "Always been a rebel, overcoming obstacles" on Beautiful Scars The mention/allution to scars and imperfections on most of the tracks THIS ALBUM IS SO EPIC
  3. THIS! My favorite vocal moments on the album are Devil pray, HeartBreakCity, Messiah and Wash all over me
  4. This interview is really her best ever, loved everything about it! And her voice was really Blond ambition/Truth or dare
  5. the production is FIRE!!!! I don't know how to describe it but there's something about the sound that is driving me crazy (in a good way)
  6. ok forget what i said earlier, this song rocks!!! it's so different but still has a "classic" feel to it. And the melody is one of best ones in the album
  7. when it's over some sites are gonna post all the comments/videos together, i supose I hope the next one is on twitter please!!!
  8. I'm gonna build an altar for this song!!!! It deserves a wicked-sexy-funny-scary video, please make it happen M!!!! The lesson in sexology is the best everrr
  9. This song is pure magic. So seductive. All the elements are on point!
  10. After all the comments in the spoiler thread I was expecting a disco throwback extravaganza but to my surprise it was not!!! I loooove the house vibe, and the "always been a rebel" part killed me
  11. hmmm this one might need a few more listens but the chorus is beautiful!!
  12. but can we please talk about that GUITAR???? Fucking perfect
  13. I CURSE THE DAY WE MET! Her vocals are murder me every single time. Also the marching band/drums are sooo powerful!!!!
  14. Messiah is EPIC!!!!! I seriously need her to make a video for this song!!! I can't with this album, everything is so good!!!!!
  15. Oh lord this song is soo good!!! The lyrics, production, samples, Nas, the spoken-rap!!!!! Just flawless. Love how this song is both defiant and vulnerable (verses vs. chorus)
  16. It depends on what you consider "rebel", the term includes a lot of concepts. To me, while songs like Graffiti heart and Borrowed time could fit in the Rebel category because of the social unconformism of the lyrics, they feel more "Heart".
  17. LOL imagine something like this: Living For Love (Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Mozella, Kanye West). Produced by Madonna, Mike Tyson and Natalia Kills.
  18. just finished the 1st cd... I don't even know where to start (i need to lay down), but having listened to the demo I can be certain that the final RH song is a total improvemente from it. Also the perfect ending!!!!
  19. Just came back from the record store... They only had the SuperDeluxe but it's AMAZING i'm falling in love again with the first released tracks... Can't wait to hear the rest!!!! The packaging is sooo beautiful!!!!
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