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  1. he's one of the most famous boxers ever, i'm shocked he's rapping in a song
  2. Amazing! I'd have never expected these two songs to go so well together
  3. It's awesome how she's the most expected performer!!! Can't wait for all the articles PRAISING her the day after the awards...
  4. I think with GMAYL, everybody knew Megaforce directing it even before they shoot it
  5. Simply brilliant philosophy from alexia_lauren93 wine lovers unite! #unapologeticbitch This is art! Don't try to censor me! If you don't like it don't follow me! . If you don't understand irony i am not the girl to follow. Fundamentaliist literalism is the death of art. #unapologeticbitch
  6. The image on the LFL remixes on her youtube channel have changed from the Bedtime Stories-looking pic to...
  7. Well, Guy said he would "work on it" when I asked him if there would be printed lyrics, hope he does work on it
  8. I always thought that the sounds on Ghosttown were intentional, like the record sound at the beginning of Erotica
  9. All of those rumours are amazing !! If half the album are unheard songs the we'll have like about 50 songs from this era if all of the other demos leak!
  10. mmm, i find it hard to believe that the album and 1st single would have the same cover
  11. Those new selfies look like she's about to give head and then chop that dick off
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