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  1. She used to be all for the fans....the unreleased song Supernatural added to the flip side of Cherish...or Spotlight (from TB sessions) for YCD...last minute track change with Ain’t No Big Deal on flip side of Papa Don’t Preach...hell even a one off project like Santa Baby to bridge the gap

    something from M14 sessions she knows she’s not gonna use on said album would suffice! 

  2. Rap wise....I like some of the ol skool...Will Smith, Salt N Pepa, Snoop, hell even Vanilla Ice for old times sake!

    but as far as Drake...or whoever....if it can resonate into at least a Top 10 (somewhere) then I’m down

    lets hope Billboard Dance Charts haven’t ostracized her so she can at least rack up another 3 or 4 #1s there

  3. They did that to a guy with an all too squeaky clean reputation back in 1989. The radio stations were having a contest for a mystery singer with the song “Soldier Of  Love” which turned out to be a huge hit for....Donny Osmond!

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