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  1. well Billboard just put up their Top 10 performances of the night.....

    2. Madonna & Maluma, "Medellín" 

    Madonna and Maluma began their memorable performance of their new collab alongside several hologrammed versions of the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer before joining a mock-cafe full of backup dancers, and taking center stage for a little tango of their own, Madonna teasing her co-star with a dominatrix flogger, and him removing her garter belt. Later, Maluma spanked his collaborator as she lifted up her dress, and the whole thing ended with a conga line and cha-cha. Time will tell if it ends up being one for the all-time highlight reel, but 35 years after "Like a Virgin" at the VMAs, it's good to see that the pop legend certainly hasn't lost her ability to surprise and delight. 

  2. Haven’t heard Medellín at Walmart (where I work they play Walmart radio)but in the last week I have heard Living For Love (3 times) among the regulars Borderline, Papa Don’t Preach, Holiday, Into The Groove, Vogue, Lucky Star, Music, La Isla Bonita, Like A Prayer

  3. This has to be a storyline...I believe she is confessing sins etc at beginning and reminiscing back....I truly believe it is a continuing story (like it isn’t finished...when at the end she “shhh” toward the camera....and her frightened and running cut scenes mean something...and the apple scene we saw earlier in week I believe is poisoned....she does have another Maluma duet towards the end of Madame X “Bitch, I’m Loco”

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