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  1. I love it.....bought the 1 & 2 disc....I really thought it was going to have

    a big booklet with lyrics according to the commercial

    I love all the songs...nice to have all songs in one collection....replaces

    IC imo

    They should have made all radio edits....fans already had album versions,

    and general public would know only radio hits....then they could have put 19

    songs on each disc

    Few I would have added....True Blue, Deeper And Deeper, Causing A Commotion

    and taken off revolver

  2. I'd turn in all 3 of my choices for the Celebration Collection!

    So many songs I couldn't live without....

    Into The Groove, Like A Prayer, Music, Hung Up, Vogue, Take A Bow

    Like A Virgin, Crazy For You, Express Yourself, Cherish, Secret, Frozen

    Ray Of Light

  3. this RS list got me to pull out my Q Magazine

    Madonna 20th Anniversary Special Edition

    to see the top 20 songs list from back then:

    20 True Blue

    19 Who's That Girl

    18 Cherish

    17 Drowned World (Substitute For Love)

    16 Borderline

    15 Material Girl

    14 Vogue

    13 Don't Tell Me

    12 Justify My Love

    11 Crazy For You

    10 Frozen

    09 Papa Don't Preach

    08 Dress You Up

    07 Live To Tell

    06 Holiday

    05 Like A Virgin

    04 Ray Of Light

    03 Into The Groove

    02 Music

    01 Like A Prayer

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