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  1. I'm impressed by all the videos from this era, we haven't had that many videos for an album since Ray of Light.

    I wish the general public was more interested in the new Madonna work and not only her old stuff, but maybe when she's dead (let it be in a loooong time) all these masterpieces will be rediscovered. Let's enjoy this magnificent era. Can't wait for the tour.

  2. I wonder if she visualized the video at the same time she was recording the song and that's why they gave it such an unconventional structure, because not only the video is backwards but also the song. If we made it a forewards story it would be:

    1st the disco part: people are enjoying themselves, not aware of the danger tehy are going to face.

    2nd the choir: the shooting has already happened and  there is a tragic atmosphere, the religious theme represent all those "thoughts and prayers" that people give (sometime hypcriticically)

    3rd "singing through gritted teeth" part: she feels impotent for all of those victims and her voice is trying to be silenced.

  3. 2 minutes ago, juliebean said:

    I'm confused about something in the video. the blonde Madonna did she die in the beginning? because we see her at the end in her apartment at the end then she goes out on the ledge.

    Yeah, the video is telling a story backwards, the events at the beggining happened later in time, and the end is the beggining of the story. Look at the time in the corner.

    Hope that makes sense LOL

  4. I'm loving this era, this is the first time since American Life that we have 4 proper videos (I don't consider Get Together from Confessions a proper video). 

    The world needs to see this, she's speaking for thousands and thousands of victims not only in USA but around the world.

    The difference between American Life and Madame X eras is that she has nothing to lose this time, I think during American Life it was very risky because she came from Ray Of Light and Music eras where she gained lots of love for being a "new Madonna" that even conservatives could have liked but now, she really has nothing left to prove, she does what she likes and what she feels like doing knowing that half of the media will hate ger and half will love it, she's beyond them anyways.

  5. Ok, my rating:

    1. Madame X-10/10, it's Madonna finaly being Madonna after her divorce to Guy and to Warner. I think she has found balance in her life personally and artistically. 

    2. Hard Candy 8/10-It was the first time I felt that Madonna was chasing trends instead of creating them but the songs are fun, catchy and personal.

    3. Rebel Heart 7.5/10 I really like most of the album and it feels like Madonna was  trying to experiment and taking her time to get inspiration but it doesn't feel cohesive, I could do without Holy Water, Sex and Illuminati.

    4. MDNA 7/10 I don't like teh production at all, except for the Orbit songs. I enjoy the album and I think it's fun but it's not Madonna at her best IMO.

  6. I was just looking at Metacritic and saw this:

    Madonna Madame X

    Metascore: 73 Users Score: 91

    Bruce Springsteen Western Stars

    Metascore: 86 Users Score: 74

    I think it's clear how biased are all these so called "professional critics", always underrating women while men get the higher rates easily. 

  7. I have never seen such a positive reaction from Madonna fans in the social networks era. It's beautiful and amazing to be living thiese times. 

    I tweeted that IMO Madame X is the best Madonna albums since Confessions, and that Madame X is to Madonna like Spirit is to Depeche Mode, a reaction to the dark times that humanity is living... and honestly I've never ever have received as many retweets and likes in my life 😂

    I'm so happy, I wish more general public knew about this masterpiece.

  8. I tried to wait but finally the destiny put God Control in front of me and I couldn't help but listening to it. It has been on replay for 24 hours now and I do agree it's instant classic Madonna and I can't get out of my head the "people think that I'm insane...that's why I don't smoke that dope" part. I can't wait for the video and share this masterpiuece in my social networks, if radio doesn't play Madonna anymore at least we will have to promote it. WE GOT TO WAKE UP!

  9. I like that she is not the main character in the video because if she were, people would be saying that she's a white, straight, rich woman that doesn't represent the black, gays or HIV communities or whatever. I mean, Madonna does represent those social groups because she has always raised awareness about their issues but you know, putting someone that actually has lived through all of that will shut their mouths.

  10. 2 hours ago, Jairo said:

    Soltera is a nice track.

    My conclusion is that this song made me value more Medellín. Why? Soltera is a generic and expected traditional reggaeton: fun, catchy, to dance like there's no tomorrow.

    Medellín, on the other hand, is a pop song with reggaeton vibes, cute vocals, a theme, a good chorus, a BRILLIANT bridge... and it goes on and on and on. Medellín is Madonna being Madonna. Soltera is Maluma being Maluma.


    Exactly! COuldn't have said it better myself.

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