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  1. I still don't understand how you expect her to perform her electronic music from her albums on her tours using real instruments like guitar, bass, acoustic drums. It's going to sound totally different and not the sound she is going for. Electronic music and conventional instruments by their nature sound very different. It's going to sound totally different and while some think it sounds better that is not the sound she is going for.

    But she doesn't want that. She wants to make electronic/dance sounding music. I'm sure she would use more of a regular band with real instruments if someday she made a different type of album that was less dance and electronic based.

    For me its not as much whether the instruments are acoustic / 'real' vs electronic, but whether they are played live vs pre-programmed. When they are played live, each time is a unique expression where sometimes mistakes are made, etc, which makes it much more interesting than the same exact programmed music being played by pressing a key on the laptop. I don't like vocal backing tracks for the same reason, I prefer real backup singers even if it doesn't always sound perfect. I enjoy the imperfections that can happen during a live performance

  2. Agree with everything above. I think the reason the acoustic sections of this tour have gotten such a great response is for this very reason, because you can feel the live instruments, even though they are pared down. The couple of times she's done Ghosttown with the full band live also got an enormous response from the audience. I hope she cuts the programmed sound and goes back to a full live band someday.

  3. I'm glad she has good break periods during the Aus/NZ schedule. Hopefully that means she can add more dates in Asia. She still needs to go to India and South Africa, where she's never been, and after that to Istanbul, Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv also. And of course South America after that. All her fans deserve to experience this tour!

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