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  1. I saw the movie At Close Range on cable recently. I thought it was really sweet how the first credits at the end was for Madonna for the song Live to Tell, and her name was in huge letters compared to everyone else. Was the song nominated or considered for nomination for an Oscar, or did they find some excuse like they always seem to for not giving her the proper recognition? If any song ever deserved to win an Academy Award, it's this one.

  2. crowd was great, they even all lit their phones when she asked for a light. maybe she needs to give her voice a rest every couple of shows. it's kinda cool not knowing what's gonna be included on any given night. tho i feel bad for people who were expecting something would be in the set list and it wasn't performed

  3. One thing for sure is that he must really love the show for attending it twice while seated front and center of her heart ( stage )

    who could blame him, its possibly her best tour ever. imo tho he's been chasing her for a while and she kept saying so he went on to other relationships but if he saw a new chance would try again, and maybe this time she finally reciprocated

    Well he very much could be using her. I don't ever remember him going to any of the MDNA tour concerts or had she not forgiven him in 2012?

    he was at mdna tour in los angeles

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