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  1. Love is pain, and pain is art, THANK YOU graffitiheart!!!

    Loved reliving this slice of MDNA tour. I had several thoughts going thru these clips:

    1. Falling Free is absolutely mesmerizing! It definitely should have been an interlude, it could have replaced either Best Friend or JML. Maybe she thought the same, and now we have a similar concept with Messiah on RHT, which is one of the most beautiful interludes ever.

    2. There is so much physicality in the dancing and choreography, I'm just in awe at how she could have done that 3-5 nights of the week for weeks and weeks. I won't even mention at her age, since she executed most of the choreo as well as or better than the choreographer and other dancers! That said, I hope in the future she uses choreographers that are more formally trained and do not necessarily take the approach that the more acrobatics the better. Case in point:: Falling Free interlude. I think in this aspect BAT and GS are better choreographed than later tours.

    3. I love how much David and Mercy and Rocco were into the songs! They are so adorable! BZ, on the other hand, seemed like even more of a poser in the rehearsals than he did in the actual shows.

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