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  1. Thank you for the following words, which mean so much to me, knowing that someone else understands:

    "My life goes on, but not the same. Into your eyes, my face remains"

    "When you open up your mouth to speak, could you be a little weak..."

    "When you're trying hard to be your best, could you be a little less..."

    These three lyrics seem to be in my head all the time, popping in and out of my consciousness depending on the circumstances. I literally feel them, more than any other words from any other songs or books I've ever encountered.

    Despite everything you must have gone through that those words convey, thank you for always fighting on. As someone else here so perfectly said: thank you for always getting up again, over and over....

    Your existence is a life lesson in will to power.

  2. I think I read a couple of years ago that he owns or manages one (or more) gyms in NYC For someone I don't know at all except very superficially, I really like him. He comes across as a genuinely nice person, with a common sense intelligence. Little me always wished they would get married (sort of still do, but he's married to someone else now, so I guess someone like him). The guys she's dated recently are cute, but they kinda come across like dumb silly high school girls. Carlos was around their age when he was with Madonna, did he come across that way back then, in interviews, next to her on the red carpet, etc?

  3. I really like, a lot, the Love is a Camera song someone linked, and also the Sky F song. The former I can imagine coming from the same medieval inspired world as Falling Free, and the latter reminds me of very early (pre-fame) Madonna songs I've heard on youtube. So, I think anything in either vein would work really well for Madonna.

    As for the Avicii vs Diplo discussion, I think I prefer the Avicii sound more than Diplo, but by far I really prefer the Madonna sound. Because as diverse as her music has been, and as much as I don't know how to define it, I feel there is a Madonna sound, and its the bit that makes the magic in all the Madonna songs I love. I hope it doesn't get overshadowed in the new album, because the essence of it is timeless, whereas what most of her co-producers have done on their own is more trendy.

    Slightly off topic, I also have a theory that the albums after Hard Candy that she has made / will be making are for her kids, in the same way that famous actors sometimes take roles in Disney movies for their kids. As in, they may be influenced by what her kids like and are listening to at the time. I think MDNA was for Lola, this next one will be for Rocco, and the next one after will be for David and Mercy (both, since they are about the same age). But I'm probably completely wrong about that, it certainly wouldn't be the first time :)

  4. I love this song as well! Though I like the David Guetta remix... This and Has to Be are my most favorite unreleased Madonna songs. I could listen to them forever on repeat. Thanks for posting the WO track. It's interesting, and it seems to have slight elements of both of those M songs, though I hear more of Has to Be in it than Liquid Love. Anyway all three are great for decompressing on a Sunday night, so thanks again for posting!!

  5. I really love the Detroit posts today. They feel so inspiring to me, even more so than the ones from Madonna's other humanitarian works in other parts of the world. Don't know, maybe it's because these projects seem a little more within my reach, the type of thing I could maybe get involved in. I also loved reading the mostly positive feedback people have been leaving in the comments.

  6. I'm kinda glad she didn't go. The Met Gala has gotten too over-hyped recently, and the theme this year was boring. I want the next big appearance to be as musical guest on SNL or Jimmy Fallon when the first single comes out (hopefully this summer!)

  7. The easy part for me was picking my favorite performance of the most performed tour songs (four times or more), which gave me eight of my top ten:

    Like a Prayer - MDNA Tour

    Vogue - Sticky and Sweet Tour (though Reinvention was a very close second)

    Like a Virgin - Confessions Tour

    Express Yourself - MDNA Tour

    La Isa Bonita - Sticky and Sweet Tour

    Holiday - Blond Ambition Tour

    Into the Groove - Reinvention Tour

    Music - Drowned World Tour

    The harder part was picking the two other performances that would round out my overall top ten tour performances:

    Paradise Not for Me - Confessions Tour

    Everybody - Girlie Show Tour

  8. Taking my cue from the person above who picked by album....

    1. Madonna - Borderline (re-worked in the vein of the Flaming Lips cover, which I love almost as much as the original)

    2. Like a Virgin - Over and Over

    3. True Blue - Where's the Party

    4. Like a Prayer - Love Song (re-worked)

    5. I'm Breathless - Sooner or Later

    6. Erotica - Bad Girl

    7. Bedtime Stories - Secret

    8. Something to Remember - I'll Remember

    9. Ray of Light - To Have and Not to Hold

    10. Music - Don't Tell Me

    11. American Life - Nothing Fails

    12. Confessions - I Love New York (re-work of demo / original version from I'm Going To Tell You a Secret)

    13. Hard Candy era - Across the Sky

    14. MDNA - Beautiful Killer

    15. Soundtrack - Who's That Girl

    These choices would make it a bit more mellow of a tour I guess, with the number of ballads and mid-tempo picks..

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