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  1. She said about two or three times that she was so happy to be back in America! She said because we speak her language. "The language of FUCK!" :rotfl:

    She also cut off the girl who caught her bouquet after her first wedding interview question because Madonna asked if she knew how to drive and she said "I think so?" :lol: She just walked away from her. Then she teased her and told her she's fucked if she can't drive, doesn't have a job or can't cook, and told the girl she should've just lied to her that way they could have gotten married.

    She also scolded her dancer Maria for not lying about her age before she got birthday spankings in the maracas part and the fake cowboy for not lying in the Unapologetic Bitch part. She questioned why no one was lying to her all night. :rotfl:

    This was the best audience interaction of all the shows so far. She's ready for that stand-up tour now!

  2. My bf told me last week that AM New York had Joan of Arc listed as one of the best songs of 2015.

    AM New York is the free / giveaway version of Newsday, who gave JOA an honorable mention on their year-end list. They also placed Rebel Heart at #11 on their 2015 album list.

    JOA: http://www.newsday.com/entertainment/music/kendrick-lamar-rihanna-songs-among-the-best-of-2015-1.11280456

    RH album: http://www.newsday.com/entertainment/music/best-albums-of-2015-1.10156232

  3. Even the fans who hate on GMAYL / MDNA album love the MDNA Tour. And the GMAYL perf was one of the highlights of the MDNA Tour. Ergo....

    But I do agree with KalamazooJay's main point, I think M may have lost some fans in the MDNA era. But I think it was more to do with the late start times and political speeches on the tour than anything else. And as great as it was, I think there was a kind of coldness to the album/tour. By contrast, Rebel Heart, esp the tour, is very warm and almost intimate, which is why I think it connects more with the fans.

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