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  1. I wouldn't believe anything until we get an "official" announcement.

    First we get "news is coming in the first two weeks of the new year" = nothing

    Now apparently it's "mid february", I wouldn't get too excited about Feb 7th or 14th just yet, people are just grasping at straws.

    I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't get the single for another month or two... or three.

    If I keep my expectations low then I will be happily surprised when it drops.





    There's no confirmation that she has even filmed a music video for the first single yet.

    Some "insider" just jumped to conclusions again and everyone took it as gospel.

    The filming that was done in Lisbon with the dark wig could be part of a documentary or could be anything really.

    There has not been one official announcement for this album yet... not one.

    #soon is all we have...


    Oh I'm hungry for this Feast... Starving in fact!

    But I ain't getting on that wheel again, expecting the new single to drop in a week or two only to be disappointed when nothing happens.

    I will get excited once she Officially announces it.

    That video clip doesn't seem like a music video to me, it seems more documentary style?

    I'm thinking the whole album will have a Visual element or it will be the previously rumoured Documentary for Netflix.



  4. 40 minutes ago, strictmachine said:

    I mean that I get, I’m just trying to understand how we got from a third-hand account of DrownedMadonna.com reader Diogo Costa’s night out in Lisbon to “she is shooting a new video in Lisbon as we speak”. 

    Haha yes its funny how these other sites are made fun of and yet can suddenly become a reliable source when it suits.

    I think some people are just a bit desperate to own an exclusive and just get carried away with it very quickly without it being official.

    Anyway I hope it's true and that look is indeed for a music video as she looks gorgeous.


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