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    I can't with this thread anymore... you think that Madonna won't release physical copies of her new album ?! :lmao:

    She re-releases 2 records every year for RSD and released at least 4 physical versions of Rebel Heart.

    Most fans will buy at least 2 different physical copies of the album.

    There will likely be a standard CD, a deluxe CD, Vinyl and Cassette (yes these are back in fashion but I don't know why)

    Madonna knows how to make money from her fans. :chuckle:

    Just because teenagers are happy with streaming some of us prefer better quality recordings.

    And yes most popular and independent artists still release CDs and Vinyl, some very Indie ones will release Vinyl and/or Cassette because that's what is "hip" these days.

    Nobody buys downloads anymore and Streaming is great for listening to new releases but has many flaws for both artists (less  money) and consumers (lesser audio quality).

  2. 2 hours ago, Runaway Lover said:

    I'm so excited! But where is Maluma's place between all of this?

    Maluma has nothing to do with the lead single/music video.

    its most likely he will be on the second “buzz” track aimed at the Latin market.

    A guy on the Pop Justice thread leaked this rumour of 2 songs released close together months ago and has now reconfirmed it.



    All these new studio pics after we are told the "album is done" is making me wonder if she's going to do what she originally wanted to do with RH.

    Double album?

    First album: Fado, Moroccan influenced, arty for the Ray Of Lighters and those of good taste.

    Second album: Pop collabs for the label and the younger fans? Maybe not quite a Mix Tape but something like that.

    I would prefer that over one album that was a mix of genres and styles.

    Or maybe some of these collabs are for the other artists albums.

    Anyway I think we're getting very close to the album announcement as albums by other artists for May and June are starting to get announced.

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