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  1. 51 minutes ago, Mensch said:

    Blondie had the first visual album with “Eat to the Beat” but of course no one will ever acknowledge that cause millennials don’t even know who Debbie Harry is. 

    I didn't know Blondie made a full visual album for Eat To The Beat !

    The first ones I remember are the Eurythmics Savage album in 1987 and Annie Lennox's Diva, both full visual albums released on VHS.


    I go away for 1 day and this thread is in complete Meltdown again.

    Pride & Eurovision Cancelled (neither were even announced, just rumours) Album and Tour postopned until 2050 :lmao:

    Love Hard lyrics leaked:

    C'mon baby

    I see you waiting...anticipating

    My hard love

    I wanna love you, I wanna Love you Hard

    I went to the stores 

    And I have a surprise

    Tonight I'm the Top

    and you're gonna scream out loud

    Take my Love baby.

    Take it Hard


  3. I don't think the album will be a straight up Portuguese / Fado album, although some songs are obviously heavily inspired by that.

    I think it will have futuristic electronic production.... Mirwais after all seems to be the main producer.

    Just think of the Iranian artist Sevdaliza (who has inspired Madonna recently), it mixes traditional music with a very modern electronic style.


    We all know if they tell her not to do something that she'll do it anyway and in an even more dramatic way.

    Bring it!

    Oh and so first single mid-late April confirmed?

    "Ynet explains that a song that is set to be released by Madonna next month could cause political controversey."


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