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  1. I'm all for M working with more Scandinavian producers on the new album!

    I've said from the start that she should be working with Royksopp or Fever Ray.

    A Robyn collaboration would also be amazing.

    Sweden, Iceland and Norway have been leading the way in electronic music for the last decade, in both alternative/experimental and pop production.

  2. yea, the songwriting was poor and uninspired, but weren't they mostly demos sent to her that she tweaked a bit and got a songwriting credit for? I'd really like this time to be full on songs written by Madonna herself and not hand offs.

    I think that's exactly what happened.

    I don't think the poor songwriting on MDNA was done by M herself, I think she was given songs and added some lyrics.

    This gave most of the songs a cut and paste feel for me, Turn Up The Radio being the worst of the lot.

    I'm not sure why she didn't write more of the lyrics herself? Couldn't be bothered or too many things on the go at once (perfumes, films, gyms etc) ?

    I really hope for this album she writes most of the lyrics this time!

  3. Don't want to generalize but it feels to me that the only ones upset about this are her older fans. I Think they want her to grow old with them to only make the music they grow up listing to and not move forward at all. This is just my opinion.

    I think there are some fans like this sure.

    But I'm all for her moving forward.

    Again my biggest problem with the last 2 albums is not so much the production as the poor songwriting.

    If she brings better songs to the studio I can't see why we all can't have the M album we want both new and old fan bases included?!

  4. Does anyone else at this point miss Mirwais as producer as much as me?

    I hear all these fans repeatedly wanting her to work with Orbit again and again?

    But American Life is still one of my favourite M albums, I think the title track was the only weak track.

    If Avicii puts some acoustic guitars high in the mix this could work, I don't necessarily want a Country-dance album, more of a folk/bluesy sound with electronic/dance elements.

    But the main problem for me with the last 2 albums wasn't just the production but the songwriting.

    Amazing songwriting with fuller vocals this time would be great.

    If the actual songs can resonate on a deeper level then the production should just come easy.

    But I found that MDNA delivered the opposite, all focus was on the production, but it was just covering up poor songwriting.

    I'm all for a new M masterpiece, bring it bitch.

  5. People keep saying "Madonna is working with Avicii".

    This is the wrong point of view. It's the other way around....Avicii IS WORKING WITH MADONNA.

    People work with her. She calls the shots. Ray Of Light was a brilliant album because of Madonna, not William Orbit.

    Give her a little more credit.


    Without William Orbit ROL would have been a completely different album and not the masterpiece it is.

    And as for MDNA, Madonna sounds like she worked with a bunch of producers and had very little personal input.

    Up until that album I always imagined that M wrote all her own lyrics, but most of MDNA was written for her and now it makes me wonder how much this is the case with all her albums...

  6. Let's see what this is like when we hear something maybe?...

    But what surprises me is that anyone expects M to be edgy again after the last 2 albums.

    To me she seems desperate for hit singles/album and staying relevant to a younger generation.

    Funnily most of her original audience/fans are the ones crying out for something more experimental and not generic dance producers.

    I had a listen to that Avicci album on youtube and to me that is generic music festival fodder.

    I am all up for an Electronic album but not generic sounds, hopefully there will be other more interesting producers working on this album.

    How did we start at rumours of ENO as producer and end up with AVICII (or Madonnas AVICCI) !?! LOL

  7. Only just catching up with these producer "rumours"...

    Last I heard it was going to be Eno, that would have been an inspired choice but alas it was not to be.

    Moroder is actually another inspired choice, I'd love to hear them together.

    Avicci or any of these "latest trend" producers would be totally wrong, but lets face it M has done wrong pretty well this last decade..

    And I don't like that she is chasing Drake either, no… more… rappers… please!

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