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  1. 23 minutes ago, Samo said:

    The lack of proper promo and press for this era so far has been BAFFLING to say the least


    Why come up with a brilliant concept like Madame X and 12 different personas and not let the General Public like...  SEE THEM , she should of done a Netflix Madame X documentary, TV interviews in character as MX, more performances, lots more magazine cover shoots aside from Vogue UK etc


    The whole thing is frustrating.


    And where is her so called, supposedly excellent new PR team?


    Crickets.... Crickets....



    I still feel like I've only seen 1 persona in all the videos.... eye patch woman

    The photo stills had so many other more interesting looks... I hope we see more of them soon!


    So I-Tunes will cease to exist soon? So they are just going for the full streaming thing now instead of downloads?

    Glad I still buy CDs and Vinyl.

    So will my iTunes library still exist or do I need to back it all up now? (I mean the player, I know I have all the mp3s on my computer)

    I use bandcamp for downloads but it all goes into my itunes library for listening...

    Whats the next best mp3 player/storer besides iTunes library?

  3. I only buy physical products that I love and use, I would never buy something just to sit on a shelf or put in a box.

    I will buy 1 vinyl version to play at home. It’s near impossible to scratch records, most faults and jumps happen in the manufacturing process. It may sound cliche but Vinyl sounds the best, especially through a good surround sound system.

    And I’ll buy 1 CD for the bonus tracks to play at home and in my car. 

  4. Love the video, especially the Black and White segments.

    She looks stunning like she just walked off the set of Desperately Seeking Susan in 1985.

    One thing though... enough eye patch, let it go, it's not a good look... or maybe it's just overdone now.

  5. Love the new youtube version.

    Madame X is a vocal concealer.

    I love the whole performance but especially Dark Ballet and Future.

    This is probably the only TV performance of Future that we are going to get so I'm happy that she did it.

    The performance overall was Political and I love her for doing that, she took advantage of the Eurovision platform and shared her views, good on her for having the guts to do that!

  6. I was worried about Quavo and Future and it turns out to be the best track yet for me! :chuckle:

    Love the Don't Tell Me reference but funny that it's not on one of the Mirwais tracks.

    I haven't heard the new Maluma track yet, will wait until next week so I have something new to listen to!

  7. 23 minutes ago, twannak said:

    Anyone in Oz ordering the deluxe double CD from JB? $48 seems a bit steep... 😕

    JBHifi pricing can really be ridiculous sometimes.

    It will work out cheaper to import it and order it online. (I order a lot of CDs from the UK as it works out cheaper)

    Rough Trade UK have it for pre-order and they take off the UK VAT at checkout and do not add Aussie GST.

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