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  1. This album is INSANE.
    To me this is the natural progression from American Life sonically.
    There a real sense of Freedom artistically here, anyone who thinks she's chasing trends is completely missing the point. This is anti establishment and doesn't sound like anything else right now.
    It's too early to say yet but this could equal or even surpass AL and that album is in my Top 5 M albums.

    I can't wait to live with this over the next couple of months.

  2. 27 minutes ago, Gaudet said:

    Ordered this, no idea when it will be delivered, as long as I receive it by mid-January 2020 I am happy:


    Also ordered this, I have no idea when it will arrive either! 

    I just hope it arrives in mint condition, ordering vinyl in the post is like entering the lotto, you never know what condition it will arrive in.

    I received a record yesterday in such flimsy packaging that every corner was badly dented/dinged 😞

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