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  1. Just now, Disintegration said:

    Well it’s a shame it wasn’t a great moment for her. I don’t think her vocals were awful but there were too many bum notes and of course everyone focuses on those, but that’s kinda expected in a show where vocals matter a lot. 

    That arrangement of Like a Prayer is so flat :(. I quite liked Future but it wasn’t the right song, she should have gone with Medellin. The whole thing could have been much more uplifting than it was. However I liked the interlude a lot and it’s cool that she got the Palestinian flag in there. 

    Absolutely agree, my words exactly

  2. Just now, Confessit said:

    Ohhh nasty nasty boi 🔥

    I don't wanna sit through this lot but I don't wanna miss the interview. There are no breaks until all performances have finished though…? 

    Well you're cute 😏

    Well they do few short interviews with contestants...

  3. 1 minute ago, Confessit said:

    You look like you could have a nice one to from your pic.

    Yes baby, candy galore and so much more. DM me when you feel nasty. Lol

    During the first long break, I think they will show the interview with M 

  4. 17 minutes ago, Ven Conmigo said:


    MATERIAL GIRL Madonna is not profiting from her Eurovision performance tonight as we reveal the facts about her historic gig in Tel Aviv

    With false reporting surrounding the performance, I've established the facts

    By Dan Wootton, Executive Editor

    17th May 2019, 9:31 pm

    Updated: 18th May 2019, 7:30 am

    THE number of people trying to bring down Madonna with false reporting around her highly anticipated Eurovision performance tomorrow night is out of control. So I’ve established the facts.

    Most importantly, the Queen of Pop will NOT profit from her two-song set – uplifting new track Future and the iconic Like A Prayer – in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    The Canadian-Israeli billionaire Sylvan Adams has spent a million dollars to cover the costs of the performance.

    But because she wants it to be so epic, the costs are actually higher than that meaning Madonna is dipping into her own pocket to cover the rest of the production fees.

    To be clear, that means Madonna is losing money on Eurovision and certainly not financially profiting from it.

    That’s because the production is going to be spectacular, including a 35-strong choir (not 40 back-up singers as has been incorrectly claimed), a troupe of dancers and a live band.

    Sources close to the singer say she is happy to foot the majority of the bill because Eurovision is a celebration of music from all across the world and it makes sense that she wants to be there for the first time in her career ahead of the release of her new album Madame X next month.

    Madonna was not barred from entering rehearsals either – I’m told she walked in with no issues accompanied by her long-time manager Guy Oseary.

    The delay to signing the official contract before she performs is over small technicalities, rather than anything that would stop her taking the stage.

    Claims her personal entourage is made up of 175 people is also wide of the mark.

    Her personal staff is relatively small – mainly hair, make-up and styling staff.

    Madonna has refused to buckle to political pressure not to perform at the event, saying earlier this week: “I’ll never stop playing music to suit someone’s political agenda nor will I stop speaking out against violations of human rights wherever in the world they may be.”

    The overwhelming number of headlines this week show that at 60 Madonna still knows how to dominate the pop culture agenda.

    Finally, on the day of performance... where's the PR when you need them lol

    Dan Wootton is a fan also

  5. 5 minutes ago, Msig said:

    Based on a live blog from the first dress rehearsal, which took place a few hours ago, Madonna's act will start around midnight CEST (1 a.m. Israeli time), approx. 3 hours into the show.

    Thanks, we have a long night 😎


  6. 37 minutes ago, JWAD said:

    Madonna needs to stop teasing so much about her performances, it ruins the surprise. It different when things leak but posting what she maybe wearing, clips from dress rehearsals etc. just spoils the overall surprise.

    I agree, remember the time when everything was so secretive haha 😁

    42 minutes ago, Jeby said:

    I am not a fan of the Future song. It's the worst possible song of all she has released so far to play at Eurovision. I can't understand her thought process here. It will do nothing for the album in my opinion. Anyway, It's a Madonna performance and I will get Like A Prayer a la Met gala and that will make up for this nonsense. 

    I love the song, but I'm also surprised it's chosen for the Eurovision, she probably went for the controversial dance song in the first place (God control?), but ESC didn't like that idea... I'm sure we'll be amazed by the performance!!!

  7. Just now, Katypatra said:

    Sorry but it’s NOT better than the Devine Medellín!! Madonna is cracking up in this Soltera song and it’s cute for what it is, and in Medellin she legit sounds ethereal and chill and mysterious all at the same time! So no! Medellín is fire! 

    It's not better than Medellín of course, I didn't say that. You didn't get what I was trying to say, so chille 😄. Soltera would be a bigger hit than Medellín, that doesn't mean it's a better song. It's just what general audience wants now

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