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  1. GORGE!!!!!


    G translate http://visao.sapo.pt/atualidade/2019-06-12-Madonna-em-entrevista-exclusiva-a-VISAO-Nao-vou-deixar-Lisboa

    In a very decent Portuguese, the pop queen who is living in Portugal praises the Lisbon soundtrack and declares herself "hopeful", "fighter" and "controversial"

    "I'm not going to leave Lisbon, my son still plays football in Benfica, I have a house there, and I walk back and forth. I live in Tap Air Portugal, it's my home." This is just one of many statements to keep from this interview with Madonna, exclusive to Portugal in this week's VISION this Thursday in the stands.

    VISION spoke with the singer about her 14th studio album, Madame X, in a conversation that went by her life in Lisbon, the music and causes that move the queen of pop.

    His experience in Portugal came several times. "I am inspired by this melancholy and feeling of the Portuguese guitar and the lukewarm guitar," he revealed.

  2. 19 minutes ago, Bat-Fan said:

    You sure it is?

    Yes and The Sun review confirmed the rumor from Mensch's source and ATRL, about the sound of gun shots and Vogue-style rap

    4 minutes ago, Monsieur X said:

    This is NOT THE FUCKING TIME to leak shit. The album is one week away and we don’t want to endanger her pre order sales. Not with Bruce Springsteen also releasing on the same week. 

    If she’s not number 1 or sales are low then it’s on SO CALLED FANS ILLEGALLY SHARING her music. 




    You must be really SAD PATHETIC LOSERS if you think hearing the album one week before everyone else makes you FUCKING SUPERIOR OR SPECIAL. 




  3. 3 minutes ago, Plaything said:

    I mean I get it, the last time she received a score higher than 70 was for Confessions and that’s a long time ago. But at the end of the day it doesn’t mean shit. All I care about at this stage is whether I am going to love it! Don’t care what my partner, friends, random strangers or critics say

    Yes, of course we are interested in infos about the songs 😍 but who gives a crap about stars and ratings! I remember when AL was bashed in media, but all I care about was that replay button lol

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