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  1. It's no coincidence that I happened to be on tour and that I happened to be in Moscow the day Pussy Riot was put on trial for being arrested for hooliganism for singing less than two minutes of their song "Punk Prayer" in a church. This song criticized Vladimir Putin's regime and its blatant intolerance of gay rights, artistic freedom, freedom of speech and human rights in general. Boo, that is right. Boo. I was shocked and outraged when I heard about this and I spoke about it the next night on stage at my show. And suddenly my security guards tripled in number. From there we went to St. Petersburg where another atrocity was taking place. My show was being advertised and damned for being a 'gay show' and for promoting homosexuality. Which I have been known to do.

    Anyway, all the people performing in the show including myself were threatened and told we'd be arrested if we were seen encouraging this gay behavior in my show. Needless to say I did not change a second of my show. And I was not arrested. Unfortunately I was sued for a million dollars and 87 members of my audience were arrested for openly displaying more gay behavior. Whatever that means. Boo.

    Ok, so here we are two years later and Pussy Riot is out of jail. Thanks not only to Amnesty International's efforts but for millions of voices, actions and demonstrations from people who care about human rights.

    That's why we're all hear, everybody. To celebrate human rights, correct?

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