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  1. 6 minutes ago, karbatal said:

    Fans have been expecting everything from her ALWAYS. But it's one thing to be disappointed and consider that other decision would be better, and another a drama that includes the wish she's booed and all that. 

    We've been years here commenting those things and wishful thinking but never have I read such comments! 

    Probably they just joked about it, fans don't wish she's booed

    Please Mensch tell us the 4th song xD


  2. 1 minute ago, karbatal said:

    I know. This thread gives me the creeps. People wanting her to be booed. People wishing they should have hired Taylor Swift. People threating to step from the era. 

    Really, I hope Madonna's plan here is to get rid from stupid fans even if she sells a 10% of what should be normal. Many of you are OVERREACTING. 

    True colours indeed. 

    Well fans are expecting a great setlist for one of the biggest gay events this year, it's not a hate and fans don't want her to be booed cmon now... she always had great setlist for the shows/events, always

  3. 10 hours ago, Jairo said:

    *Performs at Pride*

    *Sings her least gayest song ever* 


    10 hours ago, Monsieur X said:





    Madonna: You ain;t WOKE 



    9 hours ago, Mat.Guy said:

    And here was I thinking the whole reason for holding up to God Control was to release it on Pride :rotfl:

    I actually thought they had planning this time  :dead:

    I'm dead


    I love AL song, but I expected we're getting God Control

    The other song is Human Nature? @Mensch

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