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  1. I'm surprised M is not following Eurovision or producers of Eurovision on Instagram lol

    23 minutes ago, Nikki said:

    it is getting crazier.. maybe they'll move Eurovision to another country? would they do that? they have two weeks. because I can't imagine they'd cancel the whole thing

    Gaza Militants Fire 250 Rockets, and Israel Responds With Airstrikes

    JERUSALEM — Palestinian militants launched about 250 rockets and mortars into southern Israel from Gaza on Saturday, and the Israeli military responded with airstrikes and tank fire against targets across the Palestinian territory, as tensions along the volatile border boiled over and a fragile cease-fire faltered again.

    Oh my god...

  2. 4 hours ago, karbatal said:

    It's funny that we all love David so much and in the end Madonna herself thinks he's the one more similar to her. I love Mercy too. 


    4 hours ago, karbatal said:

    David seems very happy being David. And Lola seems satisfied with her life too. 

    We all knew he is mom's favorite 😄 we love David

    I enjoyed this interview, she was so honest in this conversation, I'm glad she didn't talk about how they love mdna skin and what music they listening to lol

  3. Just now, CalinB said:

    I am soooo glad Greg Thompson, President of Maverick Music  published this!!!! It clarifies everything!! and confirm the roomers that the first song/video was intended for Latin markets specifically and that the big singles are still to come.


    She's serving us something every daaay


  4. Even though they're completely different songs, I like Medellin more. I like the end of the I Rise, reminds me of AL era 😁 Madonna knows how to write a song with empowering lyrics

    It's rising up above it on iTunes lol

    I Rise

    #4 Spain
    #8 Brazil
    #9 Finland
    #12 Greece
    #13 Italy
    #14 Mexico
    #15 France
    #15 Netherlands
    #17 Sweden
    #18 Singapore
    #21 Ireland
    #21 Malaysia
    #21 Poland
    #27 France
    #35 United Kingdom
    #35 Belgium
    #42 Australia
    #56 Spain
    #59 United States
    #60 Germany
    #66 Denmark
    #68 Switzerland
    #72 Denmark
    #77 Netherlands
    #79 Taiwan
    #87 United Kingdom
    #92 Italy
    #102 Austria
    #117 Russia
    #118 Canada
    #127 Belgium
    #134 South Africa
    #147 Mexico
    #159 Australia

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