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  1. 1. Everybody (About time we got an actual full time tour performance of this song, rather than just on special ocations)

    2. Gambler (I wouldn't mind seeing an electric guitar version of this song)

    3. Angel

    4. True Blue (Just to see how she would re-invent it. Heard it was supposed to be included on The Girlie Show as well, after Rain but it got scrapped)

    5. Causing a commotion (Same as Gambler. I think a rock guitar version would work)

    6. Cherish or Oh Father (Same as True Blue, just to see how they would be re-invented)

    7. Who's That Girl (I don't like that song, but it's a classic (and an overlooked one to top) so yeah, it's time to bring it back)

    8. Bad Girl (After boring old "in This Life" stole its place on The Girlie Show, we've been longing for an appropriate tour performance of this underrated Erotica gem, that time has come and it should be on Tour #10. I agree with whoever said, she should've included at least elements of this song on the Girl Gone Wild MDNA tour performance)

    9. Take a Bow (one of her greatest and most successful singles chart-wise. Remind me again why hasn't she included it on a tour??)

    10. Secret

    11. Skin (Please explain to me how and why this amazing, mystical ROL track wasn't released as a single and why it missed the Geisha act of Drowned World Tour??)

    12. Impressive Instant (The unreleased S&S studio version mashed with Burning Up sounded pretty damn good, why was it dropped? Although if she does decide to bring it back, I would much rather she performed it fully, rather than as part of a mash-up)

    13. Nothing Fails (One of her all time best songs that should definitely get a comeback (Hell the whole American Life album deserves to be performed in its entirety))

    14. Broken or Latte/La La (The unreleased tracks, and particularly the best 2 (IMO), deserve some tour love as well)

    15. Best Friend (Actual live performance rather than an interlude)

    The songs that I don't wanna see nor should she include on tour #10


    2.Like a Virgin

    3.Into the Groove

    4.La Isla Bonita

    5.Like a Prayer

    6.Express Yourself


    8.Human Nature

    9.Ray of Light


    11.Hung Up

    12.Give it 2 Me

    That's my list :)

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