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  1. I'm starting a gym playlist for my workout and I would like to hear your suggestions regarding the best Madonna songs to pump iron to. these are, so far, the only M songs I have:


    2.Give it 2 Me

    3.Hung Up

    4.Into the Groove (S&S version)

    Look forward to your suggestions :)

  2. The RIT performance is hands down, one of M's best vocal performances to date. Also one of the best reinventions she has ever done with one of her old songs. Girlie Show is fun, because it followed the 70s Disco theme from the original music video; RH is good as it's close to the original album version, though I don't really see how it relates to mechanics and hoedown dance.


    2.Girlie Show

    3.Rebel Heart

  3. American Life and Erotica are my favourite albums but were both considered flops. I think the biggest difference between these so called flops is that at the Erotica release interest in Madonna was still very intense even if it was negative by the time American Life came around people in general started to lose interest altogether hence why we got the Britney kiss to spice things up a bit

    And why RIT ended up being a 'greatest hits' tour.

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