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  1. I’ve heard of a “Les Mis” cover and now you’re talking about the “Frida” cover; can anyone tell me which is which? 😅😅  If you ask me, this should’ve been the only cover; without the MADONNA.


    As for the editions issue, I agree it’s pointless to release 3 different ones. The boxset stuff should be something special. Not just something anyone can access, like that Rebel Heart VIP hardcover book edition, which was limited.

  2. How do you think the package for MX will be?  We know of the deluxe boxset, but what about the CD release(s)? Will it be a good ol fashion jewel case, a digipack/digibook or worse..a slipcase? :nervous: I think it will go like this:

    1 CD standard edition (target/japanese) bonus tracks - jewelcase

    2 CD deluxe edition - digipack, but hopefully I'm wrong and it'll be a beautiful 2-disc jewelcase

    What do you think?


    OOT. This should've been the cover for all editions:



  3. I'm not excited by this first single which sounds more like a promo song to me but it doesn't matter as long as she's doing what she likes and other people enjoy it. I mean it's okay not to like everything an artist do, as long as you don't become a dictator of the good taste cause beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Anyway I'm waiting for the album to come and I will see what's next.

  4. 31 minutes ago, Jairo said:

    Christina Aguilera fans are so pressed right now on Twitter because her now irrelevant artist "invented" a character called "Madam X" during her Bionic Era.

    Poor them. 

    A bunch of Kylie loons were also losing their shit at the album possibly being titled (Madame) X 🙄🙄

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