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  1. one of her songs that most resonates with a personal time in my life:


    "no, I wasn't lost, it was a different feeling, a mix of lucidity and craziness but I wasn't lost, believe me"

    I can't imagine how it was the live performance just looking at some pics, I still don't understand how the stairs rotate lol


  2. I'm still intrigued about some images used on Welcome to the World promo and cd booklet that seemed to be shown with a purpose, not just videos made during a photoshoot. that manequins, the falling mask, the "handmaid tale" look... could be a fan dream but maybe there's more to come? are those footages to backdrops on tour? oh, I want more...

  3. Can you imagine that we have now in Brasil a "president" that states everyday, together with his sons, accused and investigated for association with criminals and murderers (possibly of one recent killed deputy woman), that we need more guns to solve our  problems and keep us safe (from each other, maybe), that wants to allow more guns for more people, in every kind of job, place, age, diminish punishments, to ease the way to buy and handle guns, and with support of the exact people that may be the first affected by it?

    we lost world control.

    and I can say for sure, no one (at least until now) here in music business could adress this topic so explicitly like she did

  4. I'm loving to see you all trying to understand, write, sing in Portuguese. It's fun the misspellings, the tentatives of dechipher what she said.

    I'm very interested on languages and is nice to analyse how my natural language seems so mysterious and hard for so many. 

    We're accostumed in the whole world everyone having to learn english for improve chances of jobs, travels, as a universal language, and our beautiful portuguese left as a so foreigner and exotic.

    The beauty of Madame X puting new cultures in front of new people and "globalizing" our communications artistically.

  5. On 6/18/2019 at 9:22 PM, side_streets said:

    Madame X goes well with Behaviour by Pet Shop Boys.

    Both albums are nostalgic and melancholic.

    The transition between I Rise and Being Boring is divine. 😍


    On 6/20/2019 at 2:03 AM, Je5u5 said:

    I've actually been playing this and alternating it with Pet Shop Boys as well. There must be something making us do it huh?

    so interesting you brought this, I would never think of put together those tracks. Being Boring is one of the songs I love the most in my whole life. 

    what I want to do someday is create a playlist mixing Madonna with Depeche Mode wich is my second beloved artist(s), the only who approach more to how I worship her.

    and I'm trying to wonder what album/songs of them I could link to Madame X.

  6. never expected this would be a house song. and again full of layers of other styles. the male singer fits perfectly with some kind of sadness over nice beats. 

    the three bonus sounds very different of the whole deluxe. they are futuristic in some way. don't feel like belong to this album but inspired by. 

    like hearing a new EP. 

  7. and once again, I must say: a very well pronounced portuguese.

    the track circulating it's in a low quality so Im still not sure exactly when is Madonna's voice but if she is where I'm hearing her, she managed to say a lot of words fast, secure of what she's saying.

    as I wrote on another thread, is like she is speaking to me.

    "Ele sabe que eu sou casada e na minha casa é perigoso"...... such a whore 🤣

  8. I can imagine this album being quoted and serve as an example when the other pop bitches come that age, struggling to continue their carreers . 

    but I think it's impossible now to get rid of the age number appears as a last name for her everywhere. 

    maybe it will be always used as an argument to show how great she is, like the fact that she's still being great is attached to the fact she's getting older

  9. 11 hours ago, Simo9jo said:

    I in Portuguese is Eu, there is no Y (or K, W either) in the Portuguese alphabet. No native words contain those 3 letters. So it has to be Eu sei (I know). 

    Selvagem means wild. 

    Thank you for transcribing the lyrics! I haven’t heard the song yet. Does it have an accordion? 

    For Portuguese people...how is her /ão/ pronunciation? 

    she finally mastered the ão pronounce hahaha nobody gets the correct sound outside Brasil or Portugal 😛 

  10. in Brasil we say "me deixar louca", not "botar". I thought portuguese people poke that way... or may be an influence of african accent of portuguese speakers...

    I'm loving to hear my language in her songs. it's like she's speaking to me.

    and this song is cute

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