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  1. So what's the alternative HATERS? She sits up on her imperial throne rotting away, muttering the lyrics to Promise to Try and desperately beavering away, trying to find an "unknown" producer to collaborate with? It's just all a bit of fun for her at this point I'm sure - and the more it annoys people (including her own misbegotten fans) the more she cackles away hysterically about it. Get over it.

    LOL. Totally. If she pulled a Greta Garbo, the haters would be googling for pictures of her in Central Park all day. She can't win with these people.

  2. She is better than these people but I think in some cases Madonna is just lending a hand to a new pop star. Who is on Madonna's level and would they ask her to join them on stage or in their album? Annie Lennox did that one time, no one remembers that.

    That song with Annie was SING and was a benefit for an HIV/AIDS organization in Africa, along with a lot of other women singers in the background chorus.

    Because Madonna only cares about herself, of course.

  3. Even Streisand doing a duets with younger artist and yet no one says shit about that. God! M gets it so hard.

    It has been and always will be different for her. Her old haters, who are still hanging around, are angry with her for not fading into obscurity like most of them have and her younger detractors are burnt that she hasn't slipped on a pair of mom jeans to make them Tostino's Pizza Rolls when they come home from school before downing a tumbler of wine with a few Xanax like their mothers do.

    Fuck them.

  4. The MDNA tour alone contradicts just about everything being said here...& as usual people fail 2 accept that she might wanna do something

    cuz she just feels like it....no agenda...weather that's wearing grills or singing with Britney.

    Exactly. Hasn't she earned the right to do just wtf she wants to do? Willie Nelson, 80, just did an album of duets. I don't recall anyone harping on him for trying to maintain relevancy — or any other male artist over 50, for the matter. Please.

  5. All day long I have been repeating in my mind the Same Love performance. I've cried a lot today and I have been telling coworkers and family and friends that I feel a little down but in reality I I've felt at peace for the first time in along time. You see, I am a closeted gay man that is to weak and I fear the worse if I come out. Madonna kicked my ass last night and I dreamed she was upset with me. I am planning to come out to my family even though they may already know. While I was watching the performance and the power of Macklemore's words and Madonna's sincere gentle, almost fragile voice and seeing the brave gay couples who were so happy exchanging rings, it was like I was hit by lightning and I was sobbing uncontrollable for the joy of the moment but also for my intense guilt of living a life of a lie, thank God I was all alone in my apartment. I want so badly to be myself and after all these years of loving Madonna, I will be who I am. I owe it to her, I owe it to myself.

    Dry your tears and come out! It's fun out here, I swear, and you're welcomed warmly.

  6. The usual haters this morning on the talk shows:

    Wendy Williams said she was one of the worst dressed and again called her old and desperate as well as saying she purposely brought David with her because of the N word controversy.

    On The View, Jenny McCarthy said "Madonna singing in her usual Z flat tone."

    Yeah, Wendy. Or maybe it's because he is her son, you fuckwit.

  7. I have friends in my tumblr feed calling Madonna racist and her new "plantation era" because of her outfit, obviously without seeing the performance. Lame. I sent someone a lengthy message but don't think I should have bothered

    Don't bother. Or just tell them to fuck off.

  8. yeah... it's times like this you realize MADONNA doesn't really need to be defended anymore... it won't affect her anyway and neither our view towards her and that's the most important

    Yes. I never really noticed Madonna haters much until American Life, really. Guess I can chalk that up to THE RISE OF THE MACHINES aka the internet, but that's when haters entered my comfort zone and stuck their fingers in my delicious martini, as it were.

    Since then, Madonna has sold about 25 million records, had 4 best-selling, record-breaking concert tours, made history on the the Billboard charts with the most tops 10s and as its biggest solo artist, won another Golden Globe and was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame while growing her family to four kids and fucking building a school for poor kids in Africa.

    So the haters, as my dear departed grand ma-ma would say, can "eat a giant bag of fucking dicks."

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