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  1. Time to clear out the deli aisle ... because we got some BRAND NEW BEEF ... Billy Joel's now hopped on the Madonna-bashing bandwagon, firing shots at Madge for her crappy singing.

    Her singing sucks

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    Billy skewered Madonna Monday night in NYC, during the first of his residency shows at Madison Square Garden.

    He jokes about using a special spray to help soothe his throat before a song, and then says, "I saw Madonna use this once ... it didn't help her much." The crowd went nuts. You gotta listen.

    Read more: http://www.tmz.com#ixzz2rpLOsjx0

    We all know that spray was a mix of gin and rubbing alcohol, Billy. I hope someone kept the car keys away from you after your show.

  2. Didn't ppl call her desperate when that Psy went on stage w/ her? So I don't think it really matters whose concert it was in regards to Madonna

    I love people mentioning Psy joining her onstage as an attempt to keep her relevant. Sure, Madonna wasn't aware that that Gangham Style was a stupid fun song from a one-hit wonder and she really thought Psy was about to blow up as an important artist.

    Fucking pathetic idiots.

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