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  1. i really don't care about sales and chart statistics and all that bologna. but i love madonna's music so much, that it moves me to the point that i just want to bombard everyone i see and tell them to "listen to this." because i want them to feel what i'm feeling. i want them to hear the brilliance in madonna's music.

    Falling free is like that.

    they could have pulled a lana del rey and release this remix to radio.

    people need to hear this.


  2. It honestly upsets me that this didn't get much attention from the general public, media, or that it became a big thing. I think she might be upset because of it since she put so much work into it, and was really dedicated to it :(

    simple: no payola for it.

    Perez Hilton was invited to the party and yet he did not talk once of it. Nobody cared as it was not a musical project and there was no promotion too. When other artists launched similar projects they booked interviews with Oprah or Elle, M simply did nothing for it.

    She is promoting it her own way now using social media. I applaud her for the passion and time she is putting into it

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