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  1. I just watched the film. It went so fast for me. It's a great presentation for the project. And yes, she hasn't said anything new of what's going on right now in this world. But that doesn't mean it's useless or worthless. I read an article about the growing power of neo-nazis in Europe because of the crisis, and also how neo-nazis and ultra-right wing parties are getting more power in the Parliaments. It's really scary to hear those things. Will this make a change? I hope, but as she said, no one will take her seriously, not even us.

  2. I don't mean to offend any Parisians but Paris is one of the most overrated places in the world.

    Paris is the most beautiful city in the world. Full of great architecture, history, art, etc. I don't like what happened. It's stupid. But Paris is amazing. And it's coming from an spaniard, which we are known to hate France and French people. I do not hate France or French people, but Paris is in my heart.

  3. Madonna has always been they punchbag of the American society and all societies in general. She is everything they hate. They can conceive that after 30 years of doing what she wants she stills around, as a woman, powerful, expressing herself, living a great life of fame, fortune, success, a lovely family and a hot young boyfriend. it just takes out the worst of them. Madonna is the only person they haven't been able to destroy and they hate her for that.

  4. [–]jhonatanvargas 5 puntos 50 minutos atrás

    M I love the MDNA Tour DVD/Bluray cover and i like to know what was the concept used?


    [–]_Madonna 15 puntos 1 minuto atrás

    thats me a photograph i took of myself


    She's such a bitch.
  5. Madonna has a 3 album contract with LiveNation I think. What I don't know if this MDNA Tour double CD counts as another album from the contract or they must be 3 studio albums.

    I hope we will have next album in 2014. Probably November 2014? I really hope so!!

  6. I'm most curious about next Madonna's album. What she has in mind. What kind of music interests her and what producers is she looking for.

    Of course she won't answer those questions. She's very secret about those things specially at a very early stage of the project, if we can say we are at a very early stage of the project at all.

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