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  1. It's true that Michael Jackson's media bash was insane, but I feel that his work was respected. He was a target but they still praised his music. I feel that when talking about Madonna, they bash her so they don't talk about her music. It's just the feeling I have and that doesn't mean I'm right. Michael Jackson stopped for a long period of time while Madonna has always worked. This seems to stir up all this hate.

  2. Absolutely yes. Not only from the media, but also from young and uneducated people that talk like they know everything. In general, people can't stand that Madonna has always done what she wants, she has been successful in it, both commercially and in terms of quality, and what they hate the most is that she's still doing it after 30 years. And of course she's a woman.

  3. I'm so disappointed I actually am crying. I worked HOURS on my work and she didn't even acknowledge it. I later shared a very personal message thinking that maybe she'd prefer that, (and I actually even preferred it above my work as well as it's coming from my heart) and nothing..

    what did you create? Can we see it?

    you still can submit it at the website.

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