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  1. I discovered Madonna back in 2000 (I was 10). By then I stopped liking any music, nothing interested me musically and when i saw the Music video i was so shocked. The music was so ahead of its time, so different from what we would hear back then and also the name Madonna stroke me, such a powerful name (actually, in Mallorcan dialect "madona" means the woman who owns or the female boss), that was the image she gave me. Then i would hear the radio and they would play Like A Prayer. I immediately fell in love with that song (it's my favorite song of all songs). I didn't know it was Madonna's song. One time that song was played in a party for kids and when I heard it i ran to the DJ and asked the name and who sang it. He told me it was Madonna, the same woman I was so shocked from her Music video.

    After that I would take a cassette and listen to the radio for hours waiting for the song to be played. And then it came... i heard the woman say: "and now a woman, she's blonde and everything she touches becomes gold, she's Madonna and this is Like A Prayer..." and BAM!!! I pressed the recording button! The choir started singing and it felt something so special that i have never experienced again. Those words from the radio host were etched into my memory since then.

    The funny thing was they would play 2 songs that i also loved. The next one was True blue. I caught it in the middle and I also fell in love. When it finished the host would say "we have listen to True blue from Madonna". I was so shocked again... that bitch... And even funnier was when they played Cherish, also without knowing it was her. Then they would say "and this was Madonna". Again... hahahaha! From that day i knew this bitch was something special.

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