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  1. All these social justice 'warriors' are just a bunch of assholes siting behind a screen and typing bullshit. The real ones are the ones who risk their lives, success or whatever is valuable for them for a right cause.

    This is not a war between gays and straights, blacks and whites. It's a fight between equality and inequality.

  2. Well, Madonna has been a "has been" since the day she started. Same old story, same negative comments, same insults. It's funny cause sometimes we react to certain negative comments towards Madonna like they are new or never said before, and if we go back, even during her "better eras" and by that I mean eras such as Ray Of Light or COADF like you just pointed out, we find the same exact comments, jokes and insults. So they can all go and fuck themselves or come back with something more innovative. Since Madonna always reinvents herself, her haters should at least do the same cause it gets boring. Sounds so 1993 :smile:

  3. This is what it says on Madonnarama:

    According to Madonnarama reader Patrick, DJ Avicii was interviewed yesterday by Australian Channel V and said he has some upcoming plans with Madonna.

    I tried to find that interview where he's supposed to comment about that and I couldn't find it. The only source so far is this reader. I think that if he commented this, it would be at least on the Channel V website and there's nothing but Avicii's tour dates.

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