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  1. No no, wasn't referring to the grills! I actually meant M's controversies back when her career was in the first years, but even later on - the LAP video, her stage 'scandals', SEX...They all had a message, she didn't do it with the sole purpose to provocate! I think Miley's reason behind the VMA performance was just that though, simply provocation, not more than that :)

    I always thought they have a meaning. I still do. And it bugs me everythime I see interviews post-Ray Of Light with her saying "everything I did before was because I wanted to shock people, I was an exhibitionist, bla bla bla..." like dismissing everything she did before.

  2. Miley Cyrus: Performing with Madonna is pretty f*cking cool!

    Last night, Madonna and Miley Cyrus performed a mash-up of “Don’t Tell me” and “We Can’t Stop” during the taping of “Miley Cyrus: MTV Unplugged” which will premiere on January 29, 2014 on MTV at 9/8 PM.

    Miley Cyrus said…

    That was pretty f–king cool, you guys. It sounds super-lame, but as a pop star it’s pretty cool performing with Madonna…Today was one of those days that it was really easy to get out of bed.

    According to E! Online, there was a fair amount of bumpin’ and grinding between the two, with Miley even playfully slapping Madonna’s bum a few times during the two takes.

    Read more: http://www.madonnarama.com/posts-en/2014/01/29/miley-cyrus-performing-with-madonna-is-pretty-fcking-cool/#ixzz2rlgobXOC

  3. Exciting stuff.

    Just wondering though, do other people here sometimes feel just a little sad that every detail of any event or performance gets leaked before it goes to air ?. I kind of like the surprise of seeing it live. I stress that this is not a criticism of anyone here at all, just one of my quirks. Surprises always excite me. :laugh:

    I agree. They kill the surprise and also it allows the meltdowns to happen before anything else. Maybe if we say the final product without expectations we wouldn't have so many prejudices before hand.


    We at DrownedMadonna.com can reveal what Madonna and Miley Cyrus are performing together on Miley's MTV Unplugged show that will air tomorrow night at 9 pm. So the rumours were absolutely true!

    Madonna and Miley Cyrus are singing We Can't Stop / Don't Tell Me and both are dancing to Don't Tell Me.

    Madonna is wearing a cowgirl outfit like her Music era and her grillz are in.

    We also heard that they rehearse a few times before the show was flmed. "Madonna made Miley run through the rehearsal a few times," we have been told.

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