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  1. Not brilliant. And 30 pages to state two words?? Cheap. Tactic.

    As far as one of her best entrances ever? NOT. EVEN. CLOSE.

    Future Lovers at Confessions was an entrance.

    OYH at WTG Tour was an entrance.

    Vogue at the Superbowl WAS AN ENTRANCE.

    Oh pleez

    the performance is amazing, actually ICONIC, in the real sense, not the sense of nowadays.

  2. Also - while I'm on one - I find the whole, 'She's ruining her legacy!' bullshit really quite laughable. I can imagine it now: 'I used to Love the Erotica album, but since Madonna sang with Miley Cyrus, I can't bear it. RID-IC.

    hahahaha! so true! those "fans" always threatening they will return their "Madonna Fan card" deserve to become the worst thing in this world: a Gaga fan. Cause they don't belong in here.

  3. From the Los Angeles Times:

    Miley and Madonna is a match made in heaven. The beans were spilled early about the night’s surprise guest. But how would Cyrus keep up with pop’s most iconic button-pusher? By dialing up the sexuality, of course. During a cover of Madonna’s country-electro-fused hit, “Don’t Tell Me,” the Queen of Pop was ushered through the crowd and sat in the audience before she joined in. The song then masterfully morphed into Cyrus’ summer jam “We Can’t Stop” as the two playfully ground and struck out their tongues. On the song’s second take, Madonna joked that the two should get nastier, and Cyrus followed Madonna’s suggestion by frisking the pop star as if looking for contraband during the performance. "That was pretty … cool, you guys,” Cyrus beamed after. “It was one of those days that was pretty easy to get out of bed. I get to perform with Madonna in bedazzled cowboy boots. I can't really complain about anything."

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