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  1. Straisand wasn't a cow, she was angry because she wasn't nominated and she decided not to perform in the Oscars. Celine Dione sang Streisand's song, plus her own song "Because you loved me". People thought that Madona would do the Streisand way, she won the Golden Globe, but wasnt' even nominated. But Madonna passed and simply performed beautifully. So, the cameraman kept on focusing on Barbra, who ended up being the spoiled one.

    And yes, this performance is beautiful.

    I don't get it. You must Love Me was nominated and won the 1996 Academy Award for Best Original Song. Or you mean Madonna wasn't nominated for Best Actress? So Barbra refused to perform because she wasn't nominated for best actress or something?

  2. Xuxa is the children's Madonna :3

    She was my queen when I was 5 yo.

    What I don't understand is why some people say they didn't play GGW or TUTR because they were "bad". First, this is subjective, and second, it's just plain stupid to think that radio channels play only good music... :huh: What the hell? If radio channels don't play Madonna is because they are ageist fuckers, not because she's not good anymore. They wouldn't play 90% of the current playlist if it was all about "quality".

  3. I just turned 24. I know many people whose age is the same as me or less who are her fans or at least like her music. This is absolutely disgusting. And people over 30 have the right to listen to the music they like. Bullshit. It should be illegal.

    How would it sound if they stopped playing artists who are black, or non british (in this case) or not taller than a certain height, or ugly? This is about music and nothing else.

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