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  1. I seriously wish people would stop dragging Hard Candy and MDNA through the mud all the time. They were both solid, incredibly fun albums - especially HC. Get over it, you have too many expectations.

    I feel the same, especially MDNA for me. The fact that she didn't promote and chose the right singles doesn't make it a bad album. The problem with HC was also the lack of promotion and the bad videos after the more than decent 4M.

    It seems for now that she's making up for it with Rebel Heart. I'm very curious to see how the videos will be. The songs are all great, all of them. If we get 4 singles with 4 great videos then this will probably be the best era EVER. Everything seems on point this time.

  2. Some assholes (those who want ROL to happen in every new release) make me wanna hate Ray Of Light. YES, it's a fucking masterpiece but the best thing about Madonna is that no album sounds the same and even if that was the case I'd rather have another album like Erotica, Like A Prayer, Bedtime Stories, Music, American Life before any Ray Of Light 2.0.

    And Rebel Heart is already EPIC. I mean, even the demos are worth more than any other current pop release.

  3. I think what she meant is an album with two sides, but after the leaks the tracklist is kind of fucked up and now people heard songs from both sides, therefore it's harder to distinguish between the two.

    Well, she better put all the songs she planned. Maybe not separate but altogether? Maybe she's saying this and i''m not getting it?

    I don't know. This is all so crazy. So many things in so little time: 14 demos, 6 songs, 4 interviews, Grammy rumors, new music on feb, the date of the release...

    I'm overwhelmed but it's all so fantastic.

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