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  1. 2 minutes ago, Acediace said:

    Israeli here

    Not gonna get into this whole conversation, no point for that, it will lead to nowhere

    Just wanted to say:

    We are not asking your permission to exist

    I will stop here because if I'll keep saying what I think about what you wrote, I'll probably get ban, and i still want to get Madonnas updates 😉


    No worries, I am not the one who has to give permission to anybody to exists but this is how I feel and it does not mean that the people who live in the now land called Israel should not exist, the state should definitely not. 

  2. Sorry but what is the point of all this child pornography references? Those paintings? This is not art. It has nothing to do with the renaissance and I highly doubt this has something to do with trying to raise awareness about any of those issues, other than being just old plain shock value without substance mixed with arrogance.


    This is a fucking overpriced clothing brand, not Amnesty International. 

  3. 1 minute ago, CzarnaWisnia said:

    Negotiation for an immediate ceasefire.


    Yeah, me too. Is Putin gonna do that? He's the one attacking. Should Ukraine do what Putin wants just because he wants it despite what Ukrainians want for themselves? 

    You need to understand that this man wants to restore the Soviet Union. That wouldn't be a problem if the former Soviet states agreed, but that's not the case. Not even Russians want that. They wanna live their lives, reach the end of the month, have peace, etc. Not go back to past "glories". 


  4. 1 hour ago, mtzlplk said:

    Yes, the world was actually more peaceful when the US was under Trump. Now with war-mongering politicians are back, the world better get ready again to have wars sprouting where the US can sell arms... Trump was an outsider from the very start. Even old school Republican politicians hated him back in 2016, that's why some turned in 2020. These old school politicians are the evil ones. They will connive with corporate America to fatten their bank accounts at the expense of its citizens. Americans just lost a president who actually cared more about their welfare than outsiders. 


    WTF? He was always part of the system. He tried to start wars too and global ones (with Iran for instance). He never cared about anybody but himself and his family(?). 


    Yes, Biden is continuing the status quo that never changed, but that doesn't make Trump any less vile. Hitler's evilness didn't make Stalin less evil. 

  5. 5 hours ago, karbatal said:

    This crisis is showing me how much I didn't know about the situation of the black community in the USA. I've been learning a lot these past years in this forum, thanks to many people that sometimes called me out because I had zero idea on many things. But now I'm learning a bit more.

    I hope this is happening to other people too. Because I'm sure may Europeans are asking themselves what happens in their own countries. 

    Yeah, these things and similar happen also in UK, France and for sure Spain knowing how our police acts during peaceful demonstrations. And the Guardia Civil is basically a fascist organization from the Falange.

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