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  1. Madonna has enough signature worldwide hits to be able to skip several tours and still have a set list full of them along with a heavy focus on her latest album. The point is that she's churning the same old songs out time and again and it's just got beyound a snooze now. No wonder ticket sales are slow and she'll be faced with a bigger backlash next time out - I bet the next tour is tagged a GH one. :chuckle:


  2. I don't see Kid Rock's appeal, he sucks at rap, he sucks at rock, he sucks at country. The only song I can even tolerate of his is Picture and that's only because of Sheryl Crow

    he makes PUSSY AND BEER music :dramatic:

    most rock bands are very emo-ish and so he appeals to the people who still love Southern Rock music... basically rednecks who love to chase pusy and drink beer

  3. I am just shocked at Kid Rocks album. Its been out forever at this point. What is pushing it right now!? His new single isnt getting that much play is it?

    his new single is on the radio all the time here :bad:

    it SUCKS ASS but the rednecks love it

  4. Roger Friedman is a pathetic asshole and he can go fuck himself tho. I think we all know what he wrote to an Mtribe member who sent him an email months ago.

    "Dear Fan of Esther:

    Please tell your group of obsessed friends that their constant emails will not stop what I write about Madonna. I can end her career in a hearbeat and will. Perhaps you should learn to listen to real music.

    Madonna is a talentless, old, goat tooth hag who will hopefully have the same fate as John Lennon. Only his soul rests in peace; hers will roll in Hell."


    I HIGHLY DOUBT he really sent that... sounds more like a MADGE LOON trying to get shit stated because he doesn't like her :manson:

  5. the Lil' Wayne album is GOOD... best rap album of the year so far

    he also has MANY editions out right now so I'm sure the fans are snapping up all of them

    Best Buy has the regular, special edition and the Best Buy special edition

    Target (I think.. it might be K-Mart) has their own edition with 2 bonus tracks

    there's bonus tracks for the iTunes versions as well

  6. You guys are criticizing people for buying multiple copies of Mariah's album?

    But haven't you all been shouting BUY BUY BUY telling people to buy multiple copies of 4 Minutes? And to barrage radio stations you never listen to with requests? Hypocrisy much?

    I wish everybody would just buy something only if they want it, and request at a local station if they want to hear it, and then otherwise just lay off.

    it's LAME as hell really... people on here talked about buying multiple copies of COAD but balk at the thought of a person buying multiple copies of Mariah's album

    *and really any of us can make up a story of seeing someone buying 200 copies of any album and nobody can prove it true or not*

  7. What possesses people to do this!? :lmao:

    because no matter how much people laugh at Mariah's crazed fans... truth is EVERY artist has them and they ALL buy multiple copies of singles/albums

    people just want their fave artists to do well and appear popular to the general masses

    record companies LOVE the LOONS

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