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  1. 5 hours ago, Raider of the lost Ark said:

    From what I have heard, Tulum has become very much the place to be when vacationing in Mexico. I can imagine local businesses are fuming over such action by the police. This is not the publicity you want for your town. Especially when the gay crowd brings in a substantial amount of money and probably spends more per guest on average. Of course, socio conscious celebrities will stay away too. So in the bigger picture, the police, paid by tax money, did a huge disservice to their community. Because of a kiss. A kiss that very obviously no one was bothered by

    Homophobes have this weird idea that just because THEY are bothered by gay kissing, that means everyone is. Right wing mentality is all about projection.

  2. 2 hours ago, San said:

    I expect nothing less from this...devout Christian! I'm actually still trying to figure out what this moron represents or even does for this country. He just plods along capitalising on the stupidity of a nation...this party gets away with everything. He'll be re-elected.

    I still can't believe that party won the 2019 election. When that happened i was like... HOW, after all the shit they did?? This is just insane.

  3. 7 hours ago, Candyperfumeboy said:

    The fact that American Life has a 60 is a pretty good representation of how accurate these reviews/critics are.. just sayin 

    Exactly. American Life is a masterpiece and i still can't believe the mixed reviews it got. Talk about a misunderstood album.

  4. On 5/12/2017 at 9:48 PM, XXL said:


    Brilliant post

    Thank you

    Spot on 200%

    The corporate media is always very good at what they do. Playing into division and people's emotional state

    He's a full on servant of the banking cartel, the same banking cartel that's been busy destroying middle classes in North America and Europe most notably for the past 10 years and pushing for more mayhem in North Africa, the Middle East and across the Mediterranean. Thesis and antithesis. Without his masters Le Pen wouldn't exist essentially. It's through this false choice that they manipulate citizens perceptions all over the world

    Exactly :thumbsup:

    I really hope a true left wing alternative will come up in 2022 (it almost happened this year with Jean Luc Melenchon and his France Insoumise movement) or the far right could end up winning.

  5. On 5/7/2017 at 8:27 PM, BrendanT1993 said:

    Toutes nos félicitations, Emmanuel Macron. Vive la France! 🇫🇷

    Great to see a centrist, progressive candidate triumph over far right populism. 

    Politics needs more news like this.

    Vote for what unites us, not what divides us.

    Glad Trump -2.0 lost.

    Except that's not exactly what happened. Yeah most people voted against Le Pen (and i'm glad for that) but they certainly weren't voting FOR Macron. Even at the first round of the election, 40% of people who voted Macron did so to avoid at all cost a second round between the right and the far right, like it happened in 2002. That election in 2002 was traumatic for the left and people were terrified it would happen again, as polls were showing for months. So they voted for the "less right wing" candidate for the second round, that's all.

    Also the medias were pushing Macron HARD for more than a year, saying he was the candidate of "change", that only him could beat the Front National, that he was "young" and "dynamic"... It was extremely obvious that the medias and political establishment wanted to install Macron, since he was the candidate of Europe basically. This election was basically a remake of the US one, with Clinton (Macron) vs Trump (Le Pen). It only had a "happier" ending because of the way elections works in France. Le Pen never had a chance this year.

    Most people are NOT celebrating right now, they're only relieved that Le Pen was defeated. But Macron is going to be an extremely unpopular president (he already is) because his extremely liberal program is not what most French people want. He's going to destroy social security, privatize everything and make Europe's control over France stronger. In others words, he's exactly the kind of politician that makes Le Pen and the Front National stronger in the long run. If there's no other alternative in 2022, Le Pen could possibly win the election because people will have enough. This is only a temporary "victory", and this "victory" will have bad consequences for the country. I'm really scared of the future.

  6. 1 hour ago, Raider of the lost Ark said:

    Just to let you know, I have reported you.

    I think Spazz is clearly entering antisemitic territory here. In the Trump thread he was using the highly offensive term "cleansing" which was basically used to justify the Holocaust and killing of hundreds of thousands of gays, disabled, communists etc. in Nazi Germany. All of his recent posts are based on prejudice and are not adding anything to the discussion. I don't want Spazz to be banned forever but a suspension for some time, at least from the political section, should be an appropriate measure. Thank you. Raider.

    Spazz is a far right extremist, i don't understand why his neo-nazi mentality is even allowed here in the first place :ugh:

  7. 18 hours ago, spazz said:

    Congratulations Pud :clap: 🎁🎉👏🏻🎁🌺🎷

    Trump era will be definitely better than hybrid obama dark days of misery.

    Taking healthcare away from people, destroying internet freedom and advocating racism and fascism is better than Obama? Seriously? And this is coming from someone who don't like Obama at all. WTF is wrong with some people :megamanson:

  8. 11 hours ago, Nightshade said:

    Well, I cannot speak for every American, but I myself am certainly not blind to it. And I don't necessarily disagree with you. Saudi Arabia is an oppressive country and certainly not one I would say is anything like what we'd want to be. It's purely a relationship of convenience and strategy. I was thinking more along the lines of dictatorships that use chemical weapons on their own people (Syria) or invade sovereign nations and annex parts of them (Russia in Crimea). I accept the fact that the line drawn on what qualifies is not clear and may sometimes be hypocritical. 

    Here is how I would frame it: The U.S. needs allies in the Middle East in order to maintain some sort of presence (and you're right - that means a level of control) to protect energy resources (oil). Israel (and maybe Jordan) are probably the only real allies there for us. It's in our interest to have a strong Arab nation with more political clout than Jordan - so Saudi Arabia fits the bill. That is why no matter who is elected - Democrat, Republican, or Independent - would probably always maintain that alliance. The only other option I see is to remove ourselves completely from the region (at least in any meaningful sense) and then another foreign heavyweight would step in to take that role - likely Russia or China. So the question is, would people rather have one of those two filling the vacuum? A straight-up oligarchy far more corrupt than the U.S. (well, until the Trump government proves otherwise) or a country like China who commits far more human rights abuses than lots of other big players?

    I think in that respect, there might be no difference in how U.S. political parties act. However, at home, they are very different in domestic policy. I think this is why most Americans "turn a blind eye". They are voting for food on their kitchen table or better healthcare access, foreign policy is an after thought sometimes. Even I admit, who am I going to vote for if not someone whose domestic policy is favorable? There really are no other options.

    Well, since the Republicans have complete power right now those things are not likely to happen. Voters all over the world are experts in voting against their own best interests. I mean a LOT of Republicans don't even know that Obamacare and the ACA are the same thing...

    Thank you for your message, it was an interesting read :thumbsup:

  9. 7 hours ago, Nightshade said:

    I am not sure I ever understand when people say the Republicans and Democrats are two arms of the same corrupt body. In that, I am not absolving Democrats from corruption, but when the Democratic Party controlled Congress AND the Presidency, they passed a law which subsidize health insurance for a great number of people, removed limitations on pre-existing conditions, and lifted the ban on gay people serving openly in the military. They did these things with little or no Republican support. Are these not good things in and of themselves? What is the first thing a Republican Congress tried to do? Gut an ethics committee providing oversight. In my opinion, the contrast has never been greater, and for all of Hillary's faults, I don't think she was an idiotic loose cannon who resorted to petty tweets or picking fights with Rosie O'Donnell in a Presidential debate.

    On foreign policy, I think there is more room for debate and I feel like the situations are more complex. Does the U.S. stay out of foreign affairs and allow other far more nefarious players to dominate? If we have the ability to help people in Aleppo and we do not, is that a moral and just decision? If we get involved and ruin a country because of our involvement, does the end justify the means? I am not arguing I have the answer. But it's certainly not an easy decision to make for any party.


    Tell me: why is the US so friendly with Saudi Arabia, if they care so much about overthrowing nefarious players? Saudi Arabia is the most fascist and oppressive country in the world yet the US treat them like good friends. For me that alone shows all the wars the US is doing all the time has NOTHING to do with overthrowing bad guys. It's all about control and money. I don't understand why more people in the US can't see it.

    The government (both Democrats and Republicans, there's no difference) always pretend all those wars are about "briging democracy to oppressive countries" yet they are best friends with some of the most oppressive countries on Earth. Complete and obvious hypocrisy. Unfortunately too many Americans just turn a blind eye to it, worse they gleefully vote for warmongers like Bush or Hillary Clinton. I hope it's gonna change in the future, i'm not too hopeful though.

  10. Actually (sorry for being a bit off topic here) i think Fillon is scarier than Le Pen, both of them are far right wing lunatics. He voted against the decriminalization of homosexuality in 1982, that alone shows a fascist far right mentality. The French election is going to be a nightmare and there won't be any happy ending.

  11. billiejean, i agree with you when you say that racism is not only for white people. There's a LOT of SJWs on Tumblr and the internet in general who are disgusting racists and they should be called out as such. As a left wing person i find SJWs and identity politics in general to be a cancer, they destroy the left and discredit it for a lot of people. That's what happened during the whole primary campaign, the Hillary campaign only selling point was that she was a woman. Vote for her because she's a woman, voting for Bernie is sexism by definition. That narrative was beyond pathetic and it was a disastrous campaign strategy for the general election.

    But it's also very important to understand that minorities are in a GRAVE danger in America right now. Yeah we shouldn't ignore hate crimes against white people but as i said we cannot act as if they're the ones the most in danger right now, that's just a fact. The Anti-Minorities God of White People has been elected US President, so white people are just fine as a whole. Minorities, not so much. Republicans want to act as if ONLY white people are victim of discrimination and they have all the powers in America right now. They're going to actively destroy minorities in the coming years by destroying healthcare, voting rights for black people, mass deportation of millions of immigrants (yeah Obama did it too and it was also inexcusable), keeping any muslim to go in America and take away gay marriage. White straight people as a whole are not going to lose anything.

    So my point is: yeah let's not be hypocritical and call out hate crimes evil and disgsuting no matter who the victim is. But let's NOT forget who are the people the most in danger right now in America and in the world. And that's certainly not white people.

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