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  1. Is there any sort of data released about the number of sales for iTunes?  I mean, I'm sure most people who use digital platforms stream rather than buy, these days.  And not to bring her up, but how many people can really still be buying "Shallow" at any given moment for it to be #6?  Just wondering, in today's world, how many of these ITunes sales contribute to the overall chart performance.  

  2. 7 minutes ago, runa said:

    For me this is between GOOD and EXCELLENT.

    It's not excellent because I think there's a little bit too much of Maluma in there (even if I quite like him and I see it as a duet, not a featuring). Sometimes, I feel her voice is drowned by his and that's something I don't like. 
    The other thing is I think there's a little too much effect on her voice and I find it's not necessary.


    Having said that, I must say it's a real earworm and the Mirwais production is top notch ! :inlove:

    Agree with this 100%.  Love the song, but especially in the chorus I'd rather hear more Madonna, less Maluma.  Or at least equal parts of both.  She sounds more like backing vocals in that part. :thumbsdown: 

    That being said, it's been stuck in my head since the 3rd listen and I can't stop repeating it.  Now, to learn the Spanish parts so I can actually sing along. :lol:

  3. 25 minutes ago, Bretticus said:

    😄 I hope you can cancel your pre-order! 🤣

    :lmao: Cancelled.

    26 minutes ago, TXIII said:

    Lol no, I did the exact same thing and almost posted that myself! 

    :lol: Well, at least you caught yourself!  I mean, I saw that Target pre-order thing, immediately searched Madonna Madame X and that came up so I was like :dramatic:


    Sorry for the false alarm! I'm a moron.

  4. 6 minutes ago, Ali86 said:

    Same here been a horrible year I also hoping Madame X changes it. So amped for the single today, always have faith in M! 


    5 minutes ago, the-queen said:

    Yes. Something to be happy and excited about. Music and entertainment should always be escapism.


    The timeline of my life looks like a cardiogram and each of the hightest peaks is the release of a Madonna album.


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