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  1. Verse 1: Madonna & Maluma
    I took a pill and had a dream (Me too)
    I went back to my 17th year
    Allowed myself to be naive (Tell me)
    To be someone I’ve never been (I love it)
    I took a sip and had a dream
    And I woke up in Medellín (Do you like it?)
    The sun was caressing my skin (Tell me)
    Another me could now begin (Woo)

    Verse 2: Maluma
    Relax, baby, I got you
    We don’t have to talk much to get things started
    If you want to be my queen, I’ll crown you
    And here’s a throne for you to take a seat
    You like to ride, that’s clear
    If you feel that I’m going fast, I’ll take it down a notch
    Excuse me, I know you’re Madonna
    But I’ll show you how this dog makes you fall in love

    Chorus: Madonna & Maluma
    Come with me, let’s take a trip
    I’ll take you to a far away place
    Come with me, I’ll be so good for you
    You’ll fall for me, You’ll fall for me, mami (Ay-ay-ay)
    Come with me, let’s take a trip
    Give me some of what you’re drinking
    Come with me, I’ll be so good for you

    Verse 3: Madonna & Maluma
    Sipping my pain just like champagne
    Found myself dancing in the rain with you
    I felt so naked and alive (Show me)
    For once I didn’t have to hide myself (Say it)

    Verse 4: Maluma
    Hey mamacita, what’s wrong? (Tell me)
    We’re already at my place (Yeah)
    If you feel that there’s a trip in your mine (woo)
    Maybe it’s because of the Aguardiente (tell them)
    But baby, relax, enjoy the moment
    We are in Colombia, there’s a party in every corner
    And if you want, we’ll go to Detroit (You know)
    If I know where you come from, then I know where to go



    Post-Chorus: Maluma & Madonna
    You’ll fall for me (If I fall for you)
    In less than a year, no, no (Hahaha)
    We’re going, we’re going to Medallo (Oh, how sweet)
    You’ll fall for me (If I fall for you)
    It’s what I love, no, no
    Then mami, mami, mami, we’ll get married

    Verse 5: Madonna & Maluma
    We built a cartel just for love
    Venus was hovering above us (Oh, yeah)
    I took a trip, it set me free (My queen)
    Forgave myself for being me (Ay-ay-ay)

  2. 30 minutes ago, VogueMusic said:

    Mother of god.


    The thing that impresses me so much about Madonna is that she knows how amazing she looks when she does these things. She has such a gift for not only music but visual art as well.  It goes all the way back to the first album, she’s always had it.  Her body of work at this point is overwhelming.  I need a supercut of every amazing moment.  On the other hand, maybe my heart couldn’t handle that.  😉🥰

  3. 6 hours ago, luizotaviobarros said:

    No, it ain’t sad at all, Bill. It’s actually good news since we’re in for one of the best eras ever. By the time it’s over, whatever you’re going through will be over as well. Keep shining. 

    I’m battling depression myself, and  the meds are doing more harm than good, I think, so it’s really Mamma that’s been keeping me going. 🙂




    Meds got me all fucked up too. Thank god for Madonna, she brings me highs amongst the very low lows.

    6 hours ago, Crystal Coffin said:

    NO. Not sad at all!

    I perfectly understand how significant Madonna means to our existence. She is the air that we breathe. 


    5 hours ago, Confessit said:

    A cruel battle depression is indeed. 

    Your not alone in your feelings sending you much love and hope the album lifts your spirits when released. 


    It sure is cruel.


    sorry everyone for hijacking this thread.  I was having a bad moment and needed to put out there into the world just how much M and this album mean to me.

  4. 15 hours ago, RoyalMadonna said:

    Not sad at all, but I hope you'll feel better *hug*

    Thank you ❤️

    14 hours ago, peppermint said:

    Not at all, but if it's what it takes so be it!! But big hugs to you!! please hang in there :kiss2: :brenspin:

    Much appreciated ☺️

    14 hours ago, reQuiem4adream said:

    We’ve all been thirsty for M’s new material. I’m pretty sure everyone feels the same way you do 

    She helps me in ways no one else can 

    11 hours ago, Rugbyguy said:

    I feel the same way Bill. I’ve had a really tough 2019 and just recently lost my job to top it all off. One very kind friend of mine has been paying my rent for me, his generosity has been really heartwarming. If it wasn’t for Madame X I don’t know what I’d do.

    If you need anyone to talk to, send me a message man.

    Thank you so much. Same goes for you

    11 hours ago, the-queen said:

    That sucks. Hope it can all work out. If either of you need to talk I’m here as well. 

    Thank you 🙏 

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