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  1. I don't think Madonna's music means nearly as much to Madonna as it does to us.  Super sad to read that she was reluctant to record her last 3 albums.  I felt like she was extremely inspired when she recorded music for Rebel Heart, at least until the leaks.  Maybe they ruined it.  But before that, she recorded like 37 brand new songs with some of the most thoughtful lyrics and beautiful melodies she's ever created.  Rebel Heart is my all-time favorite album (pretty much tied with Erotica), but I almost think less of it after reading this.  

  2. 31 minutes ago, boy skeffington said:

    You can’t give it mental energy. The different between #s 2 and 15 is probably less than 25 copies...that’s how little units Itunes shifts.  

    I forced myself to buy it on ITunes even though I stream everything and won’t ever play the tracks on ITunes.

    I have a 76 year old family friend I help out to look after and even HE streams through his echo. He ain’t buying shit lol. Those days are over.  

    All true and great points. Thank you.

  3. Just now, MadFan said:

    OMG! I am SHOOK.

    It's all very smart and meta isn't it? She'll be dancing to her own song about gun control and then (probably) get shot.

    Why shouldn't she reference Pulse? This is coming out at Pride. 50 people in a gay club were shot to death and America has done FUCK ALL about it. Needless to mention all the other daily mass shootings. No pussyfooting around here.


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