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  1. I'd love if she did another Drowned World type tour...focus more on the Ray Of Light, Bedtime Stories Albums....and do a few Music Cuts...Like I Deserve It and WIFLFAG.....would like to see Amazing Live....just stick with the New and out with the old.....but I do love the reinvented versions of her eighties era songs.

    and PLEASE DO BORDERLINE and CHERISH for crying out loud.

    and show IM SO STUPID some love this time around.....Justify My Love?!?

    sounds like a nightmarish snorefest to me, except for Borderline and Cherish.

    I'd list all of your picks for songs you'd like to hear as songs I DON'T want to hear, but I'd also add "Candy Shop", "The Devil Wouldn't Recognize You", "Voices", "Hung Up", "Die Another Day", "and Voices that Care.

  2. Just like with every tour, she is going to add many more shows at those venues. Look at all the time between London and Paris. She'll probably do like 6 shows in London again like last time.

    Thank God she's coming to Philly! She always does :)

    Wonder how much tickets will be this time? Can we expect to pay upwards of $400 for the best seats?

  3. :thumbsup: I try.

    Honestly, I don't hate Mariah, but I must admit I do get angry when I read posts from the Lambs at PULSE and UKMIX - exaggerating her record sales and what not. I think she is probably the "most-commercially-successful-yet-most-creatively-irrelevant singer" I've ever heard.

    I won't lie though. I do like "Migrate" quite a bit.

    That's because the general public is too stupid to appreciate creativity. They want catchy, safe, and dumbed-down. That's why Mariah is popular.

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