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  1. Candy Shop

    Beat Goes On

    Human Nature



    Interlude 1

    Into The Groove



    She's Not Me

    Interlude 2

    Devil Wouldn't Recognize You

    Spanish Lesson

    Miles Away

    La Isla Bonita

    You Must Love Me

    Interlude 3

    4 Minutes

    Impressive Instant

    Ray Of Light

    Hung Up

    Give It 2 Me

    "Borderline" and "Vogue" are in the setlist but their place has not been confirmed yet, but they are most probably gonna be in the first 2 segments as the 3rd and 4th has 5 songs each already.

    As per MTribe:

    "there's one big hit (a single)

    two major screen videos (singles)

    another interlude (based on a single - just like the two Sorry in Confessions)

    and there's also a Folk song in there"

    The "one big hit" is confirmed to be "Vogue" and the 2 videos are singles of Erotica & American Life.

    This set list fucking sucks. I've stayed away from this thread because I was afraid of finding out that it has changed since a couple weeks ago when she was reportedly doing Rescue Me, Open Your Heart, Who's That Girl, and You'll See. That was the setlist of my dreams, and I was afraid it was going to turn out to be bullshit and end up a horrid list like this. The *ONLY* song in there that I am dying to hear live is Borderline. I haven't purchased tickets yet (was going to get them from Ebay or something) but now that I see this setlist, especially fucking RAY OF SHIT, I think I'll just pass altogether. :thumbsdown: This will be the first time since 1993's Girlie Show that I haven't seen a Madonna concert. The bitch just refuses to sing the songs that she damn well knows her fans want to hear.

  2. What I don't get is why Warner wouldn't promote it? Whether Madonna is leaving or not, wouldn't they rather make as much money as possible off of her before she leaves? I don't understand this mentality that they have just given up on her because she's going to LiveNation. They could still make some money if they wanted to...and why wouldn't they want to? I don't understand.

  3. we all have to make sacrifices if we want to see Madonna. well, I don't, because I have money, but some people do. and if skipping a few meals gets them there, they should be okay with that. it's only 1 concert.

  4. will everyone PLEASE stop complaining about ticket prices?? madonna can charge whatever she wants. those who can't afford it are just shit out of luck. get a job or something! those who can afford it, like me, are just cool and will have a good time. that's all there is to it. now go lag off.

  5. I totally understand if someone can't afford the tickets and need to save their money for other things.

    But that's no different from lots of other things. Lots of people can't afford designer clothes by Prada or an apartment in a certain neighborhood. That doesn't mean the people who make those clothes or build those apartments are somehow ripping people off. That's just life, and life isn't fair.

    From what I see, the top price is the same. She hasn't gone up on the prices even though costs have gone up in those two years.

    The only way I could see that she could make more affordable tickets is if she scaled down her show. One day it would be cool for her to sing with a band with less going on.

    Sorry, I know it's an expensive, elaborate show, but rest assured, she has adjusted pricing so that she will still make a HUGE profit.

  6. Well, obviously the tickets are not cheap. This is Madonna. And for some of us, there is more involved than just the ticket prices. I live in Maine, and you can bet Madonna will never play here, at least not until she's 60 or older. So I have to go to Boston or New York or wherever. But that's part of the fun, for me personally. It's going to be an event. Yes, I might have to make some adjustments to afford the concert, plane tickets, etc., but it's worth it for me as a fan.

    I don't understand all the complaining re: concert prices and music in general. Singers need to make a living somehow. All of you people who don't buy music, download albums illegally, etc., this is partially to blame for high concert prices. It's also to blame, in part, for artists falling down the charts so quickly. People don't pay for music. I get laughed at for buying CDs. People don't seem to think they should have to pay for the work put out by recording artists.

    I just think it's funny how, in America at least, people will put themselves in debt to buy a certain car, or spend one hundred dollars for a certain pair of jeans, yet you're going to bitch about the cost of a MADONNA CONCERT?! People drive their new vehicles and wear their trendy clothes like they are a badge, with no bitching about the cost. In fact, a lot of people are PROUD to announce how much they paid for a certain article of clothing. Then you're going to bitch about tickets to see the most important female artist in the history of the world? Just, no.

    I agree to an extent with some of this, such as the reason why the ticket prices are increasing, but 1) Madonna doesn't need more money and 2) She would still make plenty of money if she charged $100/ticket instead of $400! She's a damn greedball who doesn't give a shit about her fans, and that's all it boils down to. Even in her speech at the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame, she went on and on for like 5 minutes about each person she was thanking and told stories, gushed over them, etc. Then, when it came time to thank her fans, she says "Thank you to all of my fans who have stuck by me through thick and thin (how many times has she said that?) and there sure has been a lot of thick!" or something like that. And that was it! She should have devoted the entire 20 minutes to US because without US, she would be NOBODY. All of those people who came and went in her career helped, but WE are the only reason she is still here today. But it's our fault, because she continues to treat us like shit and we keep coming back for more. Sorry for the rant...

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